20 Times People Got The Sweet Taste Of Karma Instantly

We all have heard the saying, “Karma is a bitch.” Be it stealing someone’s sandwich at work or be it somebody else’s parking space, whatever you do Karma has its unique and funny way of coming back on you. Here are 20 such pictures that show how instantly Karma paid back…

1. “Police in Turkey try to stop pride parade with water cannons, accidentally creates rainbows”

Pride parade-instant karma


2. Pigeon with bird poop on its back. Don’t tell us karma isn’t real.

Pigeon with a bird shit. Instant karma


3. The vet got played by the karma.

4. “Having to deal with LA’s ridiculous parking enforcement daily, was a welcome sight.”

Parking enforcement, got instant karma


5. Well, well, well… Justice is served


6. “Someone parked in my designated parking space and received a different kind of karma.”


7. Karma in action.

8. Yup, trucks are taking over the roads


9. And that is why we should follow the parking rules.


10. Prank on cat gone wrong.

11. “Karma: Friend’s car after a hit and run.”


12. Karma is not only for us humans, it’s for all.

13. “These idiots tried to knock me off my kayak and laughed. This is what they were up to when I got back to the beach…”


14. “So I was driving to the gym, and some a**hat t-bones my car and drives off… but he forgot this.”

Instant karma

Rex Borova

15. He got what he deserved.

Played back by karma

16. “Brand new Jaguar driver believes he’s too important to sit in traffic. Instant-karma smackdown.”

played back by karma


17. That random hitchhiker got a sweet taste of karma.

18. “Dude tries to get around a line of stopped cars and drives right into fresh cement.”

Instant karma

Jim Santos

19. Thanks for the laugh.

20. That was real quick.

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