Ikea’s First-Ever Tiny House Is Both Eco-Friendly And Practical

We can’t deny that the tiny house movement is here to say. This began as a series of art installations in the 1970s and now has become a mainstream pop culture phenomenon. From movies to social media, the tiny house continues to gain traction, and people are going crazy about it. And all for good reason. So when Vox Creative was given the opportunity to partner with IKEA on a campaign about sustainable living, it was a no-brainer.

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

The project named the Ikea Tiny Home Project is a 187-sq-ft (17-sq-m) model, filled with Ikea products and can run off-the-grid thanks to roof-based solar panels. The ‘Ikea Tiny Home’ is the perfect fit for anyone who is constantly on the move or wanting to mix and match remote work with adventuring.

So, scroll down, and check out the tiny home that was originally built in March. (It was shown to the world only recently.)

Let us know what do you think of it.

This Project is a collaboration between Ikea, Vox Creative, Curbed, and Escape.

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

Those who are constantly on the move will definitely love this.

Tiny Home Project
Ikea tiny home
minimalist tiny home

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

The dining table is so flexible and can be used in different ways.

tiny home project
Movable compact home by Ikea
compact home

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

And the kitchen is so spacious and can fit in all of your appliances.

Tiny home kitchen

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

The bathroom looks pretty!

Tiny home washroom
tiny home bathroom

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

Ahh, and the bedroom! It looks stylish, comfortable, and so gorgeous.

boho home
boho bedroom
boho bed Ikea

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

It has quite a large place to snuggle up too.

Couch, Ikea tiny home

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

And a corner for your books and your plant buddies too.

minimalist decor

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

The outside space is the real charm.

movable home

Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

Looks like a perfect place to have a picnic.


Image Credits: Escape/IKEA

Photos like this one are making us long for a life far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We love how everything blends together so well.

The founder of Escape––Dan Dobrowolski, completed the project for Ikea in less than two months. According to him, this collab was “natural”. “They mirror the renewable, reusable, and recycled materials we incorporate into the actual structures.”

The Boho XL might be tiny, but the price isn’t all that small—the Ikea collab home costs around $63,350, according to Business Insider. Meanwhile, the Vista Boho XL has priced at $47,550 as per Escape’s website or 331 dollars per month. But, depending on where you live, the tiny home might be much cheaper than buying an apartment or house. You can buy these tiny houses from Escape‘s website.

It’s a dream home for those who are eco-minded and constantly on the move. What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

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