These Ice Bubbles At The Surface Of Lake Nukabira, Japan Are Simply Magical

Nature is one hell of an artist, full of beauties and mystical phenomena that are so awe-inspiring that it’s hard to believe our eyes. One such phenomenon takes place every winter at Lake Nukabira in Hokkaido, Japan. The serene surface of the lake becomes covered with frosty ice bubbles that extend across the enchanting view in large tracks.

The Ice bubbles are actually gases, which are welled up from the bottom of the lake, are frozen in disk-shaped, and are shut in like layers. Some of the ice bubbles don’t even make it all the way to the top and become suspended in multidimensional layers.

This results in one of the most amazing environmental art installations ever, created by Mother Nature herself!

Usually, the Hokkaido region of Japan receives heavy snowfall as well, which typically hides the mystical surface of the lake. But this year, the ice bubbles have remained uncharacteristically visible, drawing many photographers to the lake to capture these beautiful view.

Scroll down to see some of the best photos of the lake Nukabira.

Aren’t this magical?

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