Man Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman Who Hires Hitman Just To Murder One Person

A businessman from Guangxi, China hired a hitman to kill his competitor––Wei, but the plan didn’t work out. As the hitman, he hired, hired another hitman, who hired another hitman, who hired another hitman, who hired another hitman, to carry out the task but failed.

Here’s what happened…

The job was first contracted by a real estate developer Tan Youhui in October 2013, who wanted to kill Wei, a rival developer who sued his company over a dispute.

Tan paid Xi Guangan(the first hitman) around $282,800 for the job. Xi then took the money and used half to hire another hitman––– Mo Tianxiang, to do the job. Mo hired another hitman––– Yang Kangsheng, paying him around $38,000 upfront and promising around $71,000 when the murder was completed.

Yang then hired a fourth man––– Yang Guangsheng, with a similar up-front payment of around $28,000 and another $71,000 when the job was done.

Yang Guangsheng ended up tasking the hit to a fifth man–– Ling Xiansi, for a measly $14,000. Ling thought that earning $14,000 wasn’t really worth murdering someone. Instead, he contacted Wei and tried to convince him to help fake his own death.

Ling and the developer ended up faking the murder, staging an image of the developer with his hands tied, which then circulated through the chain of hitmen back to Tan, the businessman who hired the first hitman.

Later the developer reported his would-be murder to police.

The court case against the six people involved in the murder plot wrapped up with the final sentence: Tan––5 years in prison, Xi–– 3 years and six months, Yang Kangsheng & Yang Guangsheng–– 3 years and 3 months, Mo–– 3 years, Ling––2 years and 7 months.

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