Here’s What Alexander The Great & Others Would Look Like Today

Historical Figures Recreate

Every time we read history or watch movies that try to recreate time, we are fascinated by the legacies of some great historical figures. Though, we only know them through preserved mummies or scarred statues, it would be intriguing to know how these historical figures would look like today.

Royalty Now is a page on Instagram that does exactly that, brings famous royals to life and has received an immense lot of love and appreciation!

1. Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great, Historical Figures, Royalty Now

2. The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

Nefertiti, Royalty Now, Historical Figures

3. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, Royalty Now, historical figures

4. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan, Royalty Now

5. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, historical figures

6. Monalisa


7. Academy award-winning actress Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman

8. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

9. Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I, Royalty Now

10. Jane Austen

Jane Austen

11. Napolean

Napolean, Historical Figures

12. Benjamin Franklin

Historical Figures

13. Emperor Augustus

Emperor Augustus, Historical Figures

14. The Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov

Duchess Anastasia Romanov

15. Marie Antionette

Marie Antionette

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