22 Online Shopping Fails That Will Crack You Up

We know it is really convenient to shop online. And most of the time people choose shopping at the comfy of their house over going to the mall. And why not? After all the product is just a click away. But there is no guarantee that you will get exactly what you paid for. Like, receiving a prom dress that you just can’t wear to prom because it looks more like a Halloween costume. Yeah,Β that hurts. Here are such 20 incidents where people got exactly the opposite of what they ordered.

1. “3 Years Ago I Unknowingly Bought A 2 Person Child’s Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized…And I Still Took It To The Festival”

2. “Thought I Brought The Cutest Little PJ Set From Ann Summers Until I Looked Closer At The Pattern”

Online Shopping


3. “Bought A Rug Online For My Room


4. “Tried To Surprise My Mum For Mother’s Day. Put This In The Special Requirements And They F***in Print It On The Box”


5. “My Mum Ordered A Cake For My Sister And Asked For A Blond Girl On Top But It Autocorrected To Blind And We Got This”


6. Well, It Fits The Cat


7. “I Don’t Know About This, You Guys. I Don’t Think This Is What I Ordered.”

online shopping fails


8. That Is Definitely Not 32″ Length

9. This Is Not What She Paid For.


10. Here We Learn The Importance Of Reading The Product Description.

online shopping fails


11. Seriously, WTF?!

online shopping fails


12. Expectation Vs Reality

13. That Will Definitely Look Good In The Garden.

14. “Ordered A New Wooden Cutting Board That Collects Bread Crumbs In The Bottom. This Is What Came


15. “Never Again Ordering A Dress From China”

Samantha Tan

16. It’s A Doll Boots!

17. Always Check The Product Dimension Before Making A Purchase. Always.

online shopping fails, chair


18. It Didn’t Arrive The Way She Expected.

19. “Man Pays $750 For A Piece Of Paper He Thought Was An Xbox One”

online shopping fails, xbox


20. Another Incident Of Expectation Vs Reality

21. “What Happens When You Buy A Dress From China”

22. “I Bought A New Sauce Pan And Frying Pan Online… They’re Made Of Copper. So These Dollhouse-Sized Pots Actually Cost Me Quite A Lot Of Money.”

online shopping fails

Laura Page

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