Take A Look At These Breathtaking Hi-Res Photos Of Jupiter Swirling In Space

Scientists are getting a better look at the solar system’s largest planet thanks to the Juno spacecraft. Since its first landing on Jupiter in 2016, NASA’s Juno space probe has provided us with much information. It is the JunoCam that gave us these breathtaking photographs of Jupiter taken by the probe. Take a look at these amazing visuals…

Jupiter image
Jupiter close image

Scientists have noticed these bands since Juno’s first close flyby in 2016. NASA describes them as “layers of haze particles that float above the underlying cloud features.”

Jupiter hi-res image

Scientists aren’t exactly sure about the ‘layers of haze particles’, but their location may give us insight into what they’re made of and how they form. 

Jupiter close image
Jupiter juno cam pic

In these images, the lines are bordered by two jet streams in Jupiter’s atmosphere. Some researchers believe that these jet streams could influence the formation of the ‘layers of haze’.

Photo: NASA 

These images are from RAW data by the JunoCam. NASA here publishes these photos regularly and allows the public to process them and post them back to NASA. A mathematician working as a software professional and an amateur scientist, Gerald Eichstädt has worked on this image, and his excellent work helped transform the RAW images into visually amazing work for the public.

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