Guy Receives Livid Death Threats From Italy For Posting Photos Of Kiwi Pizza

Stellan Johansson from Sweden recently got gifted a whopping 10 kg kiwi from his brother.


Because of the amount of fruit he had and for it to not go bad, he ate it along with meat, fish and chicken.


He was so bored after a week that he took some kiwi to and asked them if they could make kiwi pizza kebab.


He and his kids claimed that it tasted better than Hawaiian pizza! That’s something, isn’t it? Thanks to Stellan, this pizza is now officially on Skottorp Pizzeria’s menu.

He also posted some more of his homemade meals featuring kiwi. Check it out!


Image Source – 9Gag/Stellan Johansson

The man says he’s already received about 50 threats from Italy and some from America. Most of them are funny, some sounds serious, and one of them threatens to kill him.

What are you thoughts? Would you ever eat this pizza?

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