Taiwanese Man Sets A Guinness World Record For Most Soap Bubbles Blown In A Large Soap Bubble

In the universe of setting bold Guinness World Records and rather unusual ones, the one that Chang Yu-Te set is definitely worth checking out. He set a beautifully effervescent Guinness World Record. He blew an astounding amount of 783 small soap bubbles into a larger soap bubble that enveloped them all.

Quite a bubbly surprise, ain’t it?

Now as you look back in time, are you wondering if this could be you had you taken your bubble-blowing shenanigans seriously? Well it’s definitely worth a chuckle and a half.

Another fascinating record this bubble-blowing man set? He got a bubble to do the most amount of bounces that totalled up to 290.

Now that’s a hobby turned into a record, isn’t it?

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