This Grandma’s Perfect Reply To Her Grandson’s Thanksgiving Invitation Is Going Viral

Grandma Gives Thanksgiving Reply

Thanksgiving 2020 cannot be the same as every year before. We may accept it or not, but we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. And we like it or not, the Covid-19 doesn’t exempt people based on their festive moods. So when a grandson decided to invite his grandmother to the Thanksgiving dinner, oblivious to the situation, granny had a perfect comeback.

Someone put her response on Twitter and as expected Grandma has gone viral!

The tweet has got around 432k loves and around 44k retweets! When Nathan invited everybody on Thanksgiving dinner, Grandma said ” Good idea Nathan, You can serve it at my funeral.”

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While this seems like a joke, in all seriousness, Grandma is kind of right. We’ve all had quite a tough year, and we do not want 2021 to be worse. So guys, sit tight at your home, and be grateful for the fact that your loved ones are healthy, somewhere else. And when it comes to Grandparents, a zoom Thanksgiving call may not be a bad option!