Glistening-Green Tanager – A Bird So Bright, It Might As Well Shine In The Night

Glistening-Green Tanager - A Bird So Bright That It Might As Well Shine In The Night FI

Bird watching is a delight on its own but at times can be a complete nightmare. It is easy to spot some brightly colored bird species but if it’s a green one – you will have to be a ninja. It’s an obvious camouflage hue! But this glistening-green tanager is quite the opposite.

The bird is so bright that it might as well reflect light and glow in the dark.

Isn’t it a beauty?! Bright green is actually a rare color among birds that aren’t parrots, and only turacos are pigmented green. 

This beautiful shiny bright species is only seen in Andean foothills and lower subtropical forest in western Ecuador and Colombia.

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Although the Glistening-green Tanager feeds on fruit like other tanagers, it visits fruiting trees less regularly than do others, and consumes a larger proportion of small insects and larvae.

This stunning bird is usually seen singly or in pairs. Like other South American tanagers, the Glistening-Green Tanager joins mixed-species that move through the trees together in search of insects and fruit.

Look at this bird. See how shiny and glowy its feathers are?!

Glistening-Green Tanagers are hard to keep an eye on, but have frequently found searching for prey high in the understory and into the tree canopy.

They are extremely active and restless as a bird.

Want to know something more interesting? This bird is acrobatic – it often hangs upside down as it gleans insects from the undersides of foliage.

The Glistening-green Tanager is monogamous. And one observer described this species’ nest as a small, cup-shaped area hollowed out from the moss on the side of a mid-level tree limb.

These birds are not listed as a conservation priority according to the International Union on the Conservation of Nature. Given the limited distribution, however, that rosy outlook could change fairly quickly.

What are your thoughts? Don’t you think that this bird is quite beautiful and bright?

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