20 Gifts For Every Type Of Mum-In-Law This Mother’s Day

When we marry someone, our partners along with them bring the gift of having a second mother in our lives, or as we call ’em Mothers-in-law. Mother’s Day is known to celebrate our Mums, but how about we make this one a lil extra special and get something for our mothers-in-law as well? There’s a lil something for everyone here, be it skincare, kitchenware, books, jewelry, and more. Tune in and check out these Mother’s day gift ideas now.

1. Retro Style Coffee Maker

coffee maker for mother's day

Instagram – @cullentraghcottage

If she loves her fair share of coffee, the best Mother’s Day gift would be to get her this beautiful retro-styled Smeg coffee-maker. Not only will this add to the aesthetics of her kitchen, but also make for a mean cuppa!

Customer Review:
“Not enough has been said about how pretty this is. When I took it out of the box and set it on the counter i thought the sun should slowly rise behind it and the angel chorus burst out. If R2D2 had a girlfriend and that girlfriend dressed to go to the oscar awards ceremony she would look like this.
I researched many coffee makers and read a lot of reviews. This seemed to have everything I was looking for plus it was a pretty color.”

Buy for $199.95

2. Puffer Coat

puffer jacket for mother's day


Is the weather cold where your mother-in-law resides? You could gift her something this Mother’s day to keep her warm while looking stylish. How cute is this coral-ish puffer coat? It has a zipper closure and is machine-wash safe as well! You might just be tempted to get yourself one too!

Customer Review:
“I love this beautiful stylish coat. The quality is excellent and so happy to find a coat like this without a hood. The salmon pink is so pretty and cheerful. Wish it comes in other bright colors too. The pockets are lined with faux sherpa, and it’s so warm. It’s true to size. Absolutely love this coat. “

Buy for $45.41 – $59.90 (depends on size and color)

3. Record Player

record player for mother's day

Urban Outfitters

How kickass does this record player look?! Go a lil old-school and get your old lady this record player for Mother’s day. If she’s got a big ol’ record collection, even better. This one’s worth every penny!

Customer Review:
“I bought this for my daughter and she loves it!!!”

Buy for $99.00

4. Crochet Shoulder Bag

Crochet Shoulder Bag Mother's day gift idea

Urban Outfitters

Crochet is back in trend and we couldn’t be happier. Bring this back into your MIL’s life from her college years and delight her this Mother’s Day. This bag is not only very pretty, but will also jog her memories from back in the day.

Customer Review:
“i loved this bag i used it to go to the beach everyday, it never broke and it was super comfortable to take all the things i needed”

Buy for $34.00

5. Hot Sauce Gift Box

Hot sauce gift box for Mother's day

Uncommon Goods

Mom-in-law’s got a penchant for spicy food? Here’s a gift box that comes with a variety of scintillating spicy sauces to tingle one’s taste buds. These spicy sauces are sourced from all over the world, so your MIL can now get a global taste while she excites her taste buds!

Customer Review:
“Very tasty! Great selection and would buy again. #sweepstakes”

Buy for $45.00

6. Hand Engraved Thank You Note

Hand Engraved Thank You Note


Gone are the times people wrote letters to each other on occasions, let alone leisurely. This Mother’s Day, gift your mom-in-law a letter that’s a lost yet beautiful form of communication and tell her how lucky you are to have her in your life.

Customer Review:
“These hand-engraved crafted letters are very exquisite. They’re just what you’re looking for in a minimalist, professional, simple, and yet elegant card.”

Buy for $18.91

7. Indoor Jungle Book

Indoor Jungle Book Mother's day gift idea


Looking for something unique and useful for a mother’s day gift idea for your mum-in-law? If she’s one to house many plants in her home and loves gardening, this book is the perfect guide to create an indoor jungle at home. We’re sure she goes by the philosophy – One can never have enough plants.

Customer Review:
“I have this book on my coffee table and am always opening it up for “ plantspiration”. I appreciate houseplants with age and character; a straggly Hoya cutting in a jar of water, or an asymmetrical aloe spilling out of an aged terra-cotta pot are so much more beautiful and interesting than a big lush philodendron fresh from the greenhouse. This book celebrates the natural, organic, curated plant collections that I absolutely love to see. Bravo!”

Buy for $26.61

8. Black Opal Moon Phases Ring

Gift idea ring for mother's day

Uncommon Goods

We love everything about this ring and won’t be surprised if you do to. The Stone is unique, it’s band portrays the phases of the moon and it’s just a rather rare piece. Jewelry plus a soulful gift for your mother-in-law? This present will sing to the bohemian soul in her.

Buy for $42.00

9. Knitted Blanket

knitted blanket gift for mother's day


How could one ever go wrong with gifting a blanket to someone? Especially this Mother’s Day, make your mother-in-law’s day by presenting her with a soft and cozy throw blanket that she can wrap herself in and coze up while relaxing and reading a book, or while taking a nap.

Customer Review:
“Loved the pure charcoal gray color without green or blue undertones and the texture is perfect! Very soft, but they are thin though. I didn’t buy for warmth or for use as blankets but to cover my white ektorp foot stools as my basenjis play king of the mountain on them. They work for that purpose but as they’re thin, they get kicked up and disarranged alot. Price was so right though, and the color/texture was so perfect…”

Buy for $17.99 ($23.99)

10. Scented Candle

Mother's day Scented Candle


Another gift that you cannot really go wrong with. Who does not like a soothing candle burning in their room or bathroom? This candle is meant to add balance and harmony to one’s life with its fragrance. A safe, thoughtful, and interesting Mother’s day gift this candle makes for.

Customer Review:
“I received the “peace + tranquility” candle as a gift for Christmas. I loved the smell so I wanted to try others. “Joy + laughter” smells amazing. I will say “peace + tranquility” has a more clean/refreshing smell, while “joy + laughter” is more sweet- almost like a perfume. I plan to try more scents in the future because I love these so much! Definitely would recommend. PS. I am sensitive to strong scents (sometimes get headaches from them) and these do not bother me.”

Buy for $9.99 ($11.99)

11. Natural Bath Salts

Bath salts for mother's day gift


Taking a nice long bath after a tiring day sounds so heavenly and relaxing. How about you make it happen for your loving mother-in-law this mother’s day and gift her a set of these bath salts to elevate her relaxation experience?

Customer Review:
“I absolutely love this brand. Comparable to LUSH products but I prefer this one over bubble bars from LUSH. It has little chip-like soap things that help create the bubbles. The blue package has a rubber ducky surprise inside the bag which makes it aesthetically pleasing for an adult wanting to enjoy a relaxing bath while also catering to children as a bath toy. The other bag has a mini floating ball with a face on it and its adorable. Creates decent amount of bubbles but you can adjust based on how much of the bath salts you put in. The scent is relaxing, subtle, and not overpowering. I love this brand’s products and would not write a good review if I didn’t like it. I am also picky on soap/bath/beauty products so keep that in mind when I say that I highly recommend this.”

Buy for $65.99

12. Pasta Machine

Pasta Machine


Does your mother-in-law enjoy her time in the kitchen, cooking up some delish dishes? If yes, a good idea would be to gift her something that will support her hobby. A pasta machine that she can use to experiment and make different types of pasta with. If she’s one who’s particular about her Italian food and pastas, this one’s kinda perfect for her!

Customer Review:
” Awesome solid sturdy machine! Excellent family activity!”

Buy for $145.99

13. Coasters



Mothers in general are very strict about not having people leave water rings around on the furniture. By this logic, your mother-in-law is not very different from the rest. Truth be told, she’ll probably chuckle at this thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for her.

Customer Review:
“I loved these coasters, not only the colors are so pretty, it comes with a holder making it easy to store. I was tired to see water stains on my desk and night stand, and this is perfect because they protect my furniture and wont let my glass slip. They really are absorbent! I bought a second one as gift, and my friend loved it too!”

Buy for $17.99

14. Faux Fur Slippers

Faux Fur Slippers


Honestly though, who wouldn’t want to walk on the softest pair of clouds when at home? We know we would! These faux fur slippers will bring simple and pure joy to your mother-in-law this Mother’s day. They look classy, comfortable and just so cozy!

Buy for $39.95 ($60.00)

15. Women’s Fleece Lined Sherpa Vest

 Women's Fleece Lined Sherpa Vest


Here’s another stylish way to stay warm. A warm polar fleece lined sherpa is like staying warm with a comfortable cotton-y hug at all times. Gift this cute vest to your mother-in-law and see her smile!

Customer Review:
“I love Love, LOVE, this cozy sherpa vest. It’s cuddly, warm and has a fitted style that is fairly flattering for such a fluffy vest. I am 5’3″, 117 lbs and have a 36DD chest. The size small was a perfect fit with room to spare. In addition to the two zippered exterior pockets, it has two generously sized pockets inside. I feel like I can store enough stuff to run away from home. The high collar gives this a very structured look. It’s fluffy, soft, and warm and I can’t wait for the cooler weather to arrive so I can enjoy this every day.”

Buy for $16.81 – $25.90 (depends on size and color)

16. Skincare Morning Routine Kit

Wake Up With Me Morning Routine Kit


We all love us some skincare, especially if it’s going to hydrate our skin and give our mornings a kickstart! This Wake Up With Me Morning routine kit is all one needs to reenergize one’s skin and one’s all set for the day. Suitable for all skin types, this kit will make for a great Mother’s Day gift idea.

Customer Review:
“I bought this set looking for new skin care to help my dry skin and I’m so glad I did! The CEO really brightens my complexion and wakes me up! I was told I looked super glowy all day 10/10 recommend”

Buy for $95.00

17. Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip Silk Pillowcase


Using a traditional pillowcase can cause more harm than good if you use it over time. It can cause wrinkles, cause your hair to get damaged and more! Instead, opting for a silk pillow will help one avoid premature wrinkles, sleep creases and bedhead. This is a rather out-of-the-box gift that we’re sure your mother-in-law will appreciate if she enjoys the finer things in life.

Customer Review:
“Ohhhh My God . After hearing about the benefits of silk for hair and skin I have decided to give this pillow case a try as my hair had become really dry of bleaching and oh my God . This silk case really helped softening my hear the very next day I slept on this case . Really recommend this pillow case. Love it.”

Buy for $89.00

18. Mini Perfume Set

Mini Perfume Set


How can you go wrong with gifting someone a perfume, especially when it’s a set of Marc Jacobs’ fragrances! The fragrance is infused with smells of wild berries and soft white violets. At its very heart one can get a sensation of sensual sandalwood, for a romantic, lingering finish. If your MIL’s out of a good perfume, this’ll make for a good gift, don’t you think?

Customer Review:
“These are two of my favorite perfumes hands down to me they both have this light n fruity floral scent n I’ve gotten compliments on it almost every time I wear it”

Buy for $25.00

19. Monogram Pendant Necklace

Monogram Pendant Necklace


A personalized gift is always received well because there’s thought put into it. Well, especially if it’s a dainty and beautiful monogram pendant necklace. This necklace because of it’s versatility, looks like it’ll go well with all kinds of outfits. If your mother-in-law is fond of gold accent jewelry, she’ll totally dig this necklace for Mother’s day.

Customer Review:
“I love this necklace! It brightens up any outfit!”

Buy for $59.95 ($88.00)

20. Countertop Blender

Countertop Blender


For someone who’s a bit of a health nut, this countertop blender is like a God-sent. One can make delicious smoothies, milkshakes and more that double as a quick brekky or snack. If your mom-in-law’s about all things healthy, this one’s it for her.

Customer Review:
“Finally, I have a REAL blender! I purchased two blenders on Amazon over the past few years. I had an Oster which lasted me many years, and I recently (like in the past week) ordered a Comfee which claimed to be able to crush ice and do smoothies. It had a great price and nice design, but it could not do the job. Returned it. This Ninja Pro performed right out of the box and crushed 10 ice cubes plus frozen fruit into powder in less than 10 seconds. I should have gotten this one first.”

Buy for $123.92

With an abundance of Mother’s day gift options to choose from, we’re sure you’ve found something that will make you her favorite daughter-in-law or son-in-law this holiday!

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