Pandas Have A Daycare Center And It’s An Absolute Dreamland

Giant Pandas Playing Around

Fun Fact: Not all giant pandas are black and white! A few are brown and white, but these are very rare. China’s Giant Panda Breeding Center is a panda daycare center, and it’s very much real.

Panda daycare center

The panda nursery is located in Chengdu, which has been the native habitat for pandas for over 4000 years.

giant panda center

The ‘kindergarten’ was created in 1980s, to take care of six sick and hungry giant pandas that were rescued.

Panda daycare center

They never capture any of the giant pandas but have successfully bred 172 fetuses, and 261 giant pandas over the years.

Chengdu Research Base, China

The caretakers take very special care and spend a lot of time with baby pandas.

Panda daycare center

Pandas are quite a lazy species, they love to spend their day, eating and sleeping! So, it’s best to get up early for a visit to the panda park, so you see them when they are active.

Chengdu Research Base, China

For some strange reason, Pandas like to lick copper and iron. So you’ll find many playing with their metal food bowls.

Watching pandas is always going to be fun. You can find the little ones snoozing, or the kids playing around with the toys or a group of cuddly pandas very busy in a fun group attack!

Panda Daycare Center
Chengdu Research Base, China
Giant Panda Daycare Center

The pandas love meeting visitors and you can very well come and spend some time with them.

Chengdu Research Base, China, GIant Panda Daycare Center

You can check their website for visitors’ information and any queries around opening hours. Head to for more info.