Geologists Discover Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster Inside Agate Stone When Split Open

The internet was taken by a swirling storm recently. Thanks to a gem collector named Mike Bowers who found the face of Cookie Monster when he cut open into an agate stone.

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It’s funny how nature is both beautiful and has a touch of whimsical humor to it. We know how gems and geodes have their own ways of surprising us. Be it rainbow crystals or heart-shaped amethysts, these rocks will prove that you can never be too sure what you’re going to find inside.

The latest unexpected discovery was a pair of Cookie Monster twins inside an agate stone found in Brazil. The avid gem collector Mike Bowers, along with the help of Lucas Fassari, dug up the rock that had in it hidden – Cookie Monster. It is a famed character from the kid’s show, Sesame Street. The resemblance is rather uncanny down to its goofy grin and large googly eyes.

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This rare Muppet mineral was concealed in the form of a small, egg-shaped volcanic rock. In order to announce this fabulous find, the geologist made a reveal video on Instagram. This was set to the iconic song “C is for Cookie”, sung by the king of confectioneries himself, Cookie Monster.

As of now, Bower’s keeping the find all to himself. Although, when he does choose to sell this quirky pair, he’s looking at lotta bucks and cookies. Thanks to the rare resemblance to the character, people are already willing to pay $10,000 for a chance to own the set. Damn son!

Mike Bowers

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