This Mouse Tidies Up An Electrician’s Toolbox Every Night In Return Of Shelter

mouse cleans toolbox video

Stephen McKears is a retired electrician who lives in Gloucestershire., England. But every morning, McKears wakes up to an interesting situation- his oddly arranged toolbox.

mouse, funny video
@SWNS TV / YouTube

McKears noticed plastic clips in an old ice cream tub that he usually fills with peanuts to feed the birds.

To question his sanity, Stephan even emptied his toolbox each night, scattered the nuts and bolts. To his surprise, Stephan found large screws, plastic leads, nuts, and bolts neatly piled in his box by the next morning.

Finally, he and his neighbor decided to set up a camera, to find out this interesting culprit.

What they found in the footage was the most hilarious surprise ever! An industrious mouse, who was taking refuge in the shed, decided to help with some cleanup work.

And here’s what he does. Watch this funny video!