18 Humorous Santa Cartoons That Will Make You Go Ha Ha Ha!

As we count down to Christmas, check out these Santa cartoons by Garth German, a cartoonist by hobby and passion. He self-publish his cartoons daily online. After work and family time, Garth German writes and draws cartoons to look for fun, humor, and truth in the world around us. So, scroll through these 18 humorous Santa cartoons and have a heartily laugh!

1. Yes, we know this is so stupid

Zoomcall Santa

2. Don’t be a super spreader, Santa

Super spreader Santa

3. Procrastinator Santa

 Procrastinator Santa

4. Santa is a state surveillance operative?!

Santa is a state surveillance operative

5. And you are ok with this mum?

Mum is ok with this?

6. Rudolph has found the power of self-respect


7. Tipping the balance

Just barely

8. $23 for a freaking photo?!

photo with Santa

9. Lazy Santa

No help around the hous

10. We’re republicans


11. Elves employment benefits 😂 

 Elves employment benefits

12. Elf on a shelf

Elf on a shelf

13. Covid Christmas

Covid Christmas

14.Christmas on his birthday😂 

Christmas On His Birthday

15. It’s Christmas time

It's Christmas time

16. Mommy kissing Santa Claus 😳

Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

17. Therapy cause of Santa

Therapy cause of Santa

18. Christmas wish list

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