24 Pets Acting So Silly It Must Be A Treat To Be Around Them

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”- Anatole France, French Poet. There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a pet. If you have ever owned a pet, you will realize that these four-legged pooches do a lot of things that make us laugh. Whether they are acting on instinct or trying to achieve a goal, they sometimes behave in such a way that we don’t understand. But we have a good laugh seeing their silly acts. Here are 18 photos of funny pets acting silly and their owners having a great laugh seeing it.

1. “This is my dog’s favorite toy. Watching the faces of people who are walking past when my dog is staring out the window with it in his mouth is brilliant.”

pets acting silly

 Hanfaz94 / Reddit

 2. I have no idea what this cat is doing

Cat acting silly

scissorbritches / Reddit

3. “He really loves to sit with us at the table.”

dog sitting in a weird position

BundtB*tch / Reddit

4. “Say cheese” 

say cheese

yoyolise / Reddit

5. She does this every single time I sit down to eat…” 

she does this every time when her owner sits

kingdavid52 / Reddit

6. “This is how he watches TV.” 

this is how he watches tv

JakeB02 / Reddit

7. “This is my adorkable Brussels Sprouts.” 

smitchnmice / Reddit

8. “My 2 silly dogs watching me cook” 

dogs watching their owner cook

blackpinkwhite / Reddit

9. “Some things never change.” 

Some things never change

rouxs7 / Reddit

10. “Took my dog to the creek and got this great pic.” 

dog's hilarious picture

tela_pan / Reddit

11. “She fell in there but decided it wasn’t worth waking up to try to get out.” 

kitty acting silly

poppinchips / Reddit

12. “My new pup is already mastering weird faces.” 

pup making funny faces

WigglyB*ttNugget / Reddit

13. “My baby Clementine (featuring Olive) being a big old clown!” 

funny pets

Inspection_Awkward / Reddit

14. “She loves being brushed.” 

funny pets acting silly

ONEyed_bandit / Reddit

15. This cat is holding the man’s back instead of the chair. 

kitty acting silly

The_Growl / Reddit

 16. “I told him to say, ‘Cheese!’ and he really tried his best.”

dog posing for pictures

emily_ballz / Reddit

 17. “His way of saying he’s done walking” 

funny pet

Quelleda / Reddit

18. And how will you get down from there? 

funny cat

mx1hr / Twitter

19. He was tired of eating all the jam


20. Welcome to the void 🌚

Cat in a void


21. “We go on night time walkies now mom?”


22. “And the award for most stubborn cat goes to… Lily”

really stubborn cat


23. Too cute to resist

Beware of the dog


24. Nosey cat


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