20 Times Kids Were So Hilarious We Can’t Stop Laughing

20 hilarious things done by the kids

Kids are interesting, and sometimes they are funny even without them realizing it and that makes us snicker madly. Lucky for us someone is always there to capture it. From wondering about the new trends to hilarious answers on their homework, these cute little funny kids with their hilarious acts will surely make your day.

Here are 20 pictures where kids are just beings, well, kids, and we can’t stop laughing!

#1 This kid who’s clearly wondering why this man’s pants are falling down. It’s okay kid, we wonder too!

kid wondering why this man's pants are falling down


#2 This one is struggling to pick up the book. Such a cute struggle

Kid struggling to pick up the book


#3 Son wrote his answers honestly. Moral education at it’s best 👍

son's honest homework, Hilarious answer given by the funny kid


#4 This was his first go-to place to hide. The game is on!

Kid Hiding in the chair


#5 This kid was most probably throwing out his adopted sibling 🤔

Kid throwing out his sibling, Funniest act


#6 He is loving his mommy’s boots

boy wearing his mommy's boots


#7 His first school dance and his girlfriend caught him giving roses to other girls. He is so dead

His girlfriend caught him giving roses  to other girls


#8 And the ‘Best Answer of the Year’ award goes to…

The best answer of the year award goes to this kid, Kid being funny


#9 Woah! Imagination level: infinity! She drew a pillow with the chalk then laid down on it for a nap

kid sleeping on the road Kid being funny. Funniest kid


#10 Don’t worry mommy, your daughter is in good hands now

This is how he is keeping an eye on his little sister


#11 This kid drew a shark on his dad’s forehead

This funny kid was trying to draw a shark


#12 Bathe Like A Boss, Thug Life!

Funny Kid living thug life


#13 Proof that kids can sleep anywhere and in any position

Proof that kids can sleep anywhere in any position


#14 Almost gave us a heart attack

funny kids almost gave me a heart attack


#15 Never let your kid use the toilet alone

Never let your kid use the toilet alone


#16 This is why babies are born without teeth

Baby with teeth


#17 He found a solution to keep an eye on his sibling while watching the TV

Brother watching his sibling while watching tv, Funny kids, Funny


#18 What will you do if you see your kid like this?

Funny kid watching tv


#19 He thought that no one can know where he is hiding

Funny kid hiding


#20 Team work at its best

Funny kid licking spilled milk


Which one was the most hilarious? Tell us in the comments below!