20 Times Zoom Calls Went Hilariously Wrong, You’ll Be Glad This Didn’t Happen To You

2020 has been a difficult year. Suddenly we all were confined to our homes, but the only thing that kept us connected was technology. Had it not been for Zoom calls or Google hangouts, we would have spent birthdays, anniversaries, and work meetings all by ourselves. The drill was simple- keep yourself on mute, know that you’re on mute, and make sure your background is sorted! But guess what, some people had quite a hard time doing all this. Thanks to them, our zoom calls were full of giggles and chuckles. Now, get ready to have a hearty chuckle at these zoom fails.

1. Always check if you have ended the call before you leave the area🤣 

2. I can never get over this 😂 

3. This boss turned herself into a potato, remained stuck like this the whole call

4. This is why some of us prefer to go to the office

5. This can’t go any more wrong

6. Is she okay?

7. This guy joined the wrong class

8. Has anyone? 😅 😂

9. Oh no🤣 

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10. Kids will be kids🤦‍♀️

11. Haha…good one!

12. This is what happens most of the times

13. He thought he turned off his webcam 🤣

14. LOL🤣, this is embarrassing

15. Now there is no need to apologize if this happens in the future😃

conference call fail


16. Who else got such new coworkers?

17. Pro-tip

18. Haha…her teacher’s reply was savage tho

19. The starting sentence of every WFH meeting

20. We hear you, this can happen to anyone

These were some epic online conference call fails. Tell us your funny video chat story in the comment.

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