You Can Now Buy Floating Homes On The Caribbean, Starting $25,000 For A Studio To $1.5 Billion For A Mansion

Blue Estate island Homes

You can now buy a floating home in the Caribbean. Properties on the man-made Blue Estate island, which will float on the Caribbean Sea have started going on sale from today.

floating homes in the Caribbean, Blue Estate island

These floating Caribbean homes will cost you about £14,600 for a budget ‘Ring Level’ studio apartment, but increase up to £1.1billion for its ‘Signature Estate’ mega-mansions.

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Blue Estate island, Floating Caribbean Homes

The floating city will just be a short trip from Miami and the Bahamian Islands, giving the island full 340 days of sunshine around the year.

floating homes in the Caribbean

The homes won’t go under construction until 2020 but will be ready to hand-over by 2023, with full completion until 2025.

Blue Estate island

The island, which is to be built from ‘ultra-high performance’ concrete modules, will measure 4921ft by 3280ft in total, an area half the size of Monaco. 

floating homes in the Caribbean, Blue Estate island, Floating Caribbean Homes

The city will be ultra-stable, promising its residents they won’t feel even the tiniest of movement.

Caribbean Homes

The floating city will be home to more than 15,000 permanent residents, numerous businesses, a state-of-the-art health clinic, and an international school. 

Blue Estate island,

The city will be guarded by 160ft tall walls that will secure residents from the fiercest of Caribbean waves and currents. Automated hurricane shutters will shield the residents from strong winds.

Caribbean Homes

The developers aim to use renewable sources to maintain a negative CO2 output, to make it one of the dreamiest sustainable places ever!

Floating Caribbean Homes

They also plan to create a business-friendly environment with zero taxes and minimal regulations.

Floating Caribbean Homes

(h/t: Daily Mail UK)

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