Check Out The First See-Through Car Ever Made Back In America In 1930

transparent car

Back in 1930, Pontiac was the first one to sign an American car with a completely transparent body. In 1939, the visitors to the New York Fair were fairly amazed at the sight of this dramatic and futuristic car. The aesthetics were amplified more so by the chrome screws and fasteners. 

How cool does this car look?!


Only a few years later, the famous “Ghost Car” was redesigned by a company called Rohm & Haas. This is the same company that recently developed an innovative material: plexiglass

girl with vehicle

This discovery was created by chance during an experiment with laminated safety glass. This material is what gave the car its futuristic aspect, today.

transparent vehicle

Check out the interiors of this wicked machine.

back of the vehicle

Image Source: Fubiz

Now we’re not saying that this is very practical, but wouldn’t you want to own a vehicle that sets itself apart from all the others?

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