Female Japanese Motorbike Rider Goes Viral For Good Looks, Now Revealed As A 50 Yr Ol’ Man

This ‘Kawaii’ or cute Japanese female motorbike rider has been gaining a lot of attention online. Until it was revealed on a Japanese variety show that she is actually a 50 yr old man who was using a face app to transform his looks.

female motorbike rider
female biker


Hello everyone~ Are you riding a motorbike~? It’s almost spring!
Age: Shōwa (born between 1926–1989)
Height: 166
Living in: Ibaraki
Love: playing around with bikes
Motto: Life is once, play this world

And here is the reveal:

motorbike rider
motorbike rider

The man said that nobody wanna see an “uncle” so he edited photos and turned it into a “beautiful woman” so that his photos would be popular.

Now we have surely learned one thing, don’t believe everything you see on social media.

Image Credits: Twitter

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