This Father-Son Duo Built A Stick Library For Local Dogs To Borrow Sticks

A father and son built a ‘stick library’ for their 2-year-old Goldendoodle named Nala and other local dogs to borrow sticks.

David Carter and his 10-year-old son Jeremiah made an ingenious addition to their local dog park. Though the stick library for dogs isn’t a new idea. In the year 2019, a craftsman Andrew Taylor from New Zealand built a stick library for dogs. David, inspired by this idea, decided to build his own version of the stick library.

He along with his son came up with a perfect design for the library––– a wooden crate big enough to hold lots of stick.

They placed the library in two dog parks in the Avalon and Furdale neighborhoods.

Jeremiah with the stick library
stick library
stick library

The stick library seemed to be successful.

Jeremiah said. “When we go there, there will be some people like talking about it and we’re behind them listening in like all excited It’s cool hearing people talk about it and knowing that we made it.” CBC

The family saw a similar stick library in the city too. But they noticed that all the sticks were being scattered around the street and not brought back. So these libraries were installed exclusively in the dog parks and dog owners are encouraged to return the sticks.

David and Jeremiah are planning to build more libraries at other dog parks in the coming months.

Image Credits: facebook/saskadoodles

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