15 Extremely Useful Products That Will Only Make Life Easier

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Life can be tough, right? Especially when you’re in the middle of a world pandemic, stuck in your house for WHO (pun unintended) knows how long! So, we browsed through the isles of our favorite stores to get these 15 extremely useful products, to make things easy at your home sweet home!

1. An egg cooker, to make the perfect eggs in minutes so that breakfasts don’t take a lot of time.

Dash 7-egg everyday egg cooker, useful products


Customer ReviewThis cooks hard-boiled eggs perfectly without having to time them in a standard pot of boiling water. Plays a tune when done. The only downfall about this item is the heating element surface gets really hot and shows burnt areas. Have to do a light scrub of baking soda to get it off. Might have to buy a new one soon as it might not last long. Kind of expensive though. – Verified purchaser, Target

Get this from Target for $17.39

2. The super genius, pancake batter mixer dispenser bottle, that comes with the BlenderBall Wire Whisk. Just add in the ingredients, shake up the bottle, and make super smooth and creamy pancakes.


Customer Review: Use it daily to make my Kodiak pancakes and it works beautifully every time. Sometimes a little less or more liquid is required to get the proper consistency, but that ultimately depends on what ingredients you toss into the bottle (along with the mix). Just note that you must be careful not to over-tighten the tip cover or it may crack as mine did shortly after purchase.Oscar F.

Get this from Amazon for $12.99

3. Honeywell tabletop fan for the not so cold days, with adjustable speeds and angles to keep you comfy wherever you plan to sit for the day!

Honeywell tabletop fan, useful products


Customer Review: Quiet, airflow is good. We were without AC and it was 90 degrees in the house. Had it blowing on me at night. Would have never slept without it.Verified Purchaser, Target

Get this from Target for $16.99

4. A two-piece, bedside carafe with a tumbler to keep on your bedside, so that you don’t have to make those scary midnight trips to the kitchen.

bedside carafe


Get this from Amazon for $22.99

5. A double-ended extension cord, to solve the very important work from home life problem.

double ended extension cord, useful products


Get this from Walmart for $12.98

6. This cute little tubshroom so that you don’t regret moving in with your girlfriend! For those who have to deal with clogged, hair-filled drains, this little guy is an angel.


Customer Review: “I love these little things. They are perfect for drains…the little white flower doesn’t let any larger thing go down the drain, the spaces between the petals allow the stuff you want to go down go down and the little chain catches the hair… like I said… perfect.” Walmart purchaser

Get this from Walmart for $8.86

7. This small, yet attractive storage baskets from Target’s Threshold collection, to make functional space so that you can find what you need when you need it!

Storage Baskets, useful products


These are also available in different shapes and sizes.

Customer Review: “These are the best baskets ever. I’ve bought so many over the past several years and they look good as new. I am so glad you keep these in stock, as I have added to my office storage and it’s great to be able to find the matching ones still!“- Verified Purchaser, Target

Get this from Target for $19.99

8. A multi-compartment kitchen-cabinet, lid-organizer to channel your inner Marie Kondo.

lid organizer


Customer Review:I love tools to help me organize and these are awesome. I use them for storing lids and ordered another set to organize my sheet pans and they work great for that as well. Love the design and think they will last a very long time.“- Verified Purchaser, Target

Get this from Target $10.00

9. This warm and snuggling, stoneware lama mug, for cozy morning and lovely evening tea/coffee breaks.


Customer Review: This cup is amazing! I have dropped it countless times, it’s been through a LOT! Poor mug! It makes me laugh every time I see it. I’ve had it for a while and the llama is still there it hasn’t washed off yet so that’s really awesome.“- Verified Purchaser, Target

Get it from Target for $5.99

10. A non-slip, memory foam bathroom mat, to make sure you return back from the shower safe and sound! Also, these come in stunning pastel colors, so they won’t mess up your bathroom decor.

memory foam bathroom mat


Get this from Walmart for $12.98

11. An over the shower caddy, that will store all your vanity essentials for you within your reach!

Over the shower caddy, useful products


This doesn’t come with drainage holes, so keep in mind your showerhead’s measurements before you pick this one.

Get this from Target for $8.99

12. A packet of OXO 7pc Clip Set to keep your bag of chips and other stuff airtight and fresh. The set includes one large bag clip, two medium bag clips, three small bag clips, and one bag cinch.

OXO 7pc Clip Set


Get these from Target for $11.49

13. A stainless steel wire sink mat, to help your dishes dry quickly, without making a mess all over the kitchen countertop. Perfect for those who have a tiny kitchen or pantry.

wire sink mat, useful products


Customer Review:I have a large sink with a large sink protector which is not easy to clean. Instead, I am using two of these sink protector and I love it. Perfect solution. Good price.“- Verified Purchaser, Target

Get this from Target for $6

14. Reusable produce bags, that you can never get enough of and will only help the planet breathe better!

reusable produce bags


Hand washable these are perfect for toys, fruit, coins, medicine, cables, cosmetics, accessories, and much more.

Get these from Amazon for $8.97 (pack of 5)

15. A countertop compost bin since putting vegetable/fruit peels in your usual bin is so out of fashion in the eco-friendly world!

compost bin


Customer Review:I have to say, that my husband and I have been very impressed with this container. We’ve been using this for about a month or two now. The lid does not latch, but it closes, and we haven’t had any smell or fruit fly issues. We empty it every few days. The inside of the container is kind of curved, so the scraps empty easily into our compost bin, and it the inside is very easy to clean. The container might be too small for a larger family or someone who has a lot of scraps, but for just the two of us, it’s a perfect size. Also, the lid is super easy to detach to throw your scraps into the compost bin and then re-attach.EJB

Get this from Amazon for $19.95

Could life get any easier! Do you have more suggestions? Let us know about your useful products in the comments below!