28 Random Things You Never Thought Of Googling But Should!

Toothpicks grooves

Google kinda knows everything! We usually google so many random things that come to our mind, but there are few everyday things and their purpose we never thought of googling, and just took for granted! Everything has a purpose, right? There is a reason most apps have blue logos, wine glasses have a long stem, padlocks have a tiny hole, and a lot more!

Now that you are wondering, we’ve got a few everyday things that nobody probably googled but should have! Because who knows, a curious kid might ask!

1. Half-belts on jackets and coats

coat, jackets half belt facts, everyday things


The half belt on our coats and jackets looks pretty but it is not because it’s just fashionable. They were initially made for men in the military, people with over-sized coats or jackets actually doubled them as blankets. The half-belt helps in piling up the extra material and holding the material in a place so that the soldiers would find it easy while walking.

2. Loops on shopping cart

trolley, everyday things


One of the most used everyday things is a shopping cart! You must have observed that the child seater on your trolley has a loop. Well, have you ever wondered what it does? It helps in hanging delicate and light goods such as eggs and bread so that it won’t break or get destroyed. These random things never cross our mind even when we always see them.

3. How to peel a banana?

weird fact about banana, everyday things


If you are peeling your banana from the stem side of the banana, it’s the wrong way to do it. The correct way of peeling the banana is by peeling it from the nubby pointed tip instead of the stem side of the banana. This process will actually peel the banana more cleanly. It’s a everyday thing and still we had no idea that peeling a banana can also have a specific process.

4. Aircraft windows are round in shape

weird things about aircraft, everyday things


The initial windows of aircraft were square in shape, later all the windows of aircraft were modified into a curved shape. The reason behind this modification was that the sharp corners were naturally weak. Those weak spots could cause disasters due to air pressure.

5. Why are sneakers called sneakers?

weird thing about sneakers


The soles of the sneakers are made of rubber material and so they do not make any sound while walking or sneaking around! Hence the name ‘sneakers’

6. Hole at the bottom of a padlock

weirdest thing about padlocks, everyday things


The padlocks are mostly used outside of the doors, so the hole at the bottom will protect it from water in rainy seasons or anything that can cause rusting.

7. Keys on the keyboard are not arranged alphabetically

Alphabetically arranged typewriter, everyday things


The typewriters had the proper alphabetical order in their keyboard but then the typers were so fast in typing that the mechanical character arms started getting tangled and so just to slow down the speed of the typers and prevent the keys from jamming, these keys were invented.

8. Hole in the ball pen cap

weirdest fact about pen caps


There are so many people out there who have a habit of chewing the cap in their mouth. The hole on the top side of the cap helps in preventing yourself from getting chocked in case the cap gets swallowed. We notice these random things so many times but we never think about googling it!

9. Small pockets inside your denim pockets

interesting and weird thing about denim


These pockets were actually designed for keeping the pocket watches. The design came into existence from the year 1890 with the original Levis overalls denim. The pocket watches aren’t in trend anymore but these pockets are still seen in every denim you wear.

10. Slits in cooking vessels


You must have noticed a hole on the handle of your cooking vessel, the hole helps you to hold your stirring vessel so that you actually don’t have to find another plate or place to keep your stirrer, you can just simply hang it inside the hole.

11. Bobby pin’s one side is zig-zagged

bobby pins have zig zag shape, everyday things


Every girl must have used bobby pins, and everybody knows how it looks like. Did you ever wonder why one side has a zig-zag pattern? The zig-zagged part acts like grooves to keep your hair in place. We have been using booby pins the wrong way all our lives, the zig-zag side goes downward!

12. USB logo is subtly connected to water

USB logo fact , everyday things


The logo is similar to the trident of Poseidon, a weird thing to hear right! well, he is also known as the lord of the sea and just like his trident symbolizes power, the USB logo symbolizes technological power.

13. Little hole between the iPhone’s camera and flash

iphone hold between camera and flash


The tiny hole in the iPhone is a microphone that helps you to record the sounds for the videos, in fact, after the iPhone 5, every iPhone has 3 microphones.

14. Tiny block of color on the sealed end of the tube

Eye Marks, everyday things


You might have observed a colored block at the edge of the tube. It is known as an eye mark. The reason behind is, they are there because they tell the production line from where the package needs to be pressed, folded or cut.

15. Stem of a wine glass

wine glass facts, everyday things


We all love wine glasses but have you ever thought, why not any other glasses but only wine glasses have stems. It’s not because they look classy, it’s because long stems protect wine from the heat of your palm, since the composition of wine changes with temperature.

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16. Arrow on the gas pump icon

gas pump arrow, everyday things


Ever noticed how there is an arrow on the gas pump indicator. Most of the people are unaware of its use. The arrow actually indicates which side is the gas tank situated on. This might help you in not waiting on the wrong side of the gas tank.

17. Notebook Margins


We all have grown up thinking that margins were to leave some space before the writing for those dreadful teacher’s remarks. It was actually not true. The real reason was to protect paper documents from rats. In ancient times, books were often victims of mice and other rodents. To keep important documents intact even after the damage, notebooks started being printed with a margin.

18. Tiny paper condiment cups

Paper cups , everyday things


We all have been to McDonald’s whenever we craved fries. This is the most random thing to notice that they always provide us ketchup or mustard sauce in tiny folded paper cups. We keep wondering why they gave so little amount of sauce with our yummy fries. It is because when you actually unfold the paper, the space in the cup widens ups and you can pour more amount of condiment in it.

19. Plastic lids of disposable cups

lids aka coasters


Most beverages come in disposable cups with a lid. Not many know, the lids can also be used as a coaster. Just keep your glass on the lid and see how it perfectly fits.

20. Detachable Headrests

headresters weird uses


If you might have noticed when you take the headrest completely out, there are two metal rods which come out with it, do you know what they really do? well, they are actually helpful in case you get trapped in the car. These random things would not pop-up in your brain even when you keep staring at it sometimes.

21. Lines on solo cups

lines in cups


The solid red color cups that people use for beer have lines on them. These lines are there for measurements, for different kinds of alcohol.

22. Twin colored erasers

Erasers, everyday things


All our life we kept assuming that the red, blue, or grey color side of the eraser is actually used for erasing the pen ink, but well that’s just a myth! yes, you heard that right, it is actually used for erasing pencil and graphite markings, without tearing the paper. Other erasers can tear different types of paper used by artists because they are more sensitive to friction.

23. Toothpaste with colored stripes

everyday things, stripes in toothpaste


In the year 1970s people wanted more than cleansing of their teeth, Aquafresh added blue stripes with their white gel and said their product now has cleansing and freshening both. Then people started demanding a toothpaste which could protect their gums too, this brand came up with the 3rd stripe in their toothpaste, the red stripe. This red stripe was for plaque control.

24. Square holes on McFlurry spoons


Everybody must have been to McDonald’s at least once in their lifetime. The spoon given with McFlurry has a square-shaped hole and it’s quite fun to eat the ice-cream with a different kind of spoon but they don’t serve this spoon just for attracting their customers. They do it because it serves as an attachment to the machine that whisks yum toppings and the ice-cream all together. The ice-cream from the machine glides into the spoon just the way a drill spins a screw and so they provide this spoon to minimize the clean-up.

25. Wooden hangers

wooden Hanger


We all know hangers are meant for hanging clothes but wooden hangers are not only meant for hanging heavy clothes, they also protect the clothes from insects. They also give a refreshing scent because they are made from cedar wood which helps in keeping clothes safe from moths and bugs. Hanging clothes is an everyday thing for us, but none of us thought that it can be used for other purposes as well.

26. Soda bottle cap’s plastic liner

Bottle lid


The liner of the bottle cap actually helps to trap carbon dioxide inside the bottle keeping the fizz intact, so the drink remains fresh and bubbly. it’s an everyday thing and still, we never gave much thought to it.

27. Grooves on the toothpicks

toothpick facts


Toothpicks are pointed from one end and have grooves on the other end, this is because the grooves of the toothpick don’t let the other end of the toothpick touch the table, for hygiene purposes. Who’d want a used toothpick with all the gunk sitting in front of their food?

28. Toblerone’s shape

Toblerone chocolate


Who doesn’t love this Toblerone? The chocolate is famous for the shape that lets you enjoy it piece by piece and also share it equally! Its triangle shape makes it easy to open and break as well. The delicious pieces can be served properly, no piece of the chocolate can be broken in an unproper shape.

Do you know of any random everyday things that we never knew had clear science behind it? Let us know in the comments below!

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