20 Fun Easter Traditions You Can Celebrate With Your Family At Home This Year

Easter this year might be different. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are bound to celebrate the upcoming holiday at home. And celebrating at home doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fun celebration. If you are looking for some inspiration, then check out our list of 20 fun Easter traditions.

So without any fuss, scroll down and pick up the traditions you liked the most.

1. Plant an Easter Garden

family Easter tradition


There is no secret that Easter rings in with the arrival of spring. You can add aesthetics to your yard with an array of blooming plants. Also, decorating your yard with Easter decoratives like eggs, carrots, or bunnies will be so much fun.

2. An indoor Easter egg hunt


Easter egg hunt is one of the most thrilling activities for everyone involved. You can host an indoor Easter egg hunt for your family and make loads of memories hunting for the eggs.

3. Reading resurrection scriptures to your family


For many, Easter is a religious holiday, filled with significance in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can read scriptures to your family throughout the week, and share the story of Easter.

4. A family brunch or dinner


Having a grand meal with family is always fun, food, and makes the bond stronger. You can have a big Easter brunch or dinner. Also, inviting extended family members will bring generations together. 

5. Decorate an Easter tree 


Decorating an Easter egg tree sounds like fun and lets the kids get creative. You can decorate a live or artificial tree with colored ribbons and decorated eggs. So what are you waiting for? Head to the craft store and purchase some foam or plastic eggs and decorations.

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6. Baking cookies


Put on your apron and bring out your inner baker. Egg, chick, or bunny-shaped cookies perfect to bake and decorate on easter. You can also go traditional and serve hot cross buns and fill your kitchen with spicy, sweet, and fruity aromas. Yum!

7. Kids dressing up like witches

#‎FunFactSweden: During Easter, Swedish children dress up as Easter witches - "påskkärringar" - and give out drawings in exchange for candy. Learn more about this tradition here: sweden.se/culture-traditions/easter Photo: Niklas @Morberg/Flickr

Dressing your kids like a witch is a tradition followed in Finland and Sweden. Children both in Finland and Sweden, dress up as witches and go door-to-door in their neighborhood, and get chocolate treats. However, you can modify this tradition, and dress up your kid like a witch and treat them with chocolates at home.

8. Decorate Easter Eggs


Decorating eggs in a brightly colored dye is a fun experience for kids of all ages. Decorate eggs with glitter, paint, and stickers. You can use them to decorate the house or Easter baskets too. You can also plan an Easter egg decorating competition in your family and end the competition with sweet prizes.

9. Easter chocolate in Bilby form

Haighs dark chocolate Easter bilby from Julia's mum

The Easter bilby is a part of an Aussie Easter Tradition. In an attempt to raise awareness about the reducing Bilby population, candy makers in Australia started making chocolates in the shape of rabbit-sized marsupial. So you can too add some innovation to your Easter chocolates by adding Bilby chocolate to your list.

10. Treats for the Easter Bunny


This is similar to leaving cookies and milk for Santa. However, for Easter, you can make a rabbit-friendly treat–– like putting carrots and water out before bedtime.

11. Surprise your neighbors with an Easter egg basket

Spread Easter joy by egging the neighbors with a beautiful Easter basket filled with goodies. Leave the basket near their door and ring the doorbell before running back home. Make sure the basket contains a note saying “you’ve being egged” or a clue about your family to help them guess who left it.

12. Adding butter fashioned into the shape of a lamb to your Easter meal

Lamb butter is a Russian tradition that has been followed by Russians since ancient times––when it was considered a lucky omen to meet a lamb. So this year you can bring luck to your table in the shape of a lamb.

13. Flying kites on Easter


Flying kites on Good Friday tradition initially gained traction in Bermuda, where it’s believed that a local schoolteacher used a kite to demonstrate Jesus’s ascension into heaven for his students. You can too add this tradition to this holiday. After all, flying kite is a fun activity too and can be flown from your terrace or yard.

14. Create Easter crafts


Apart from Easter eggs and baskets, there are a ton of other crafts you can try with your kids. Like making masks in the shape of an Easter bunny or chicks that appear from cracked eggs.

15. Make Easter marshmallow peep s’mores 

Easter tradition


S’mores are delicious all year round. You can turn them into one of your family’s Easter traditions and give them a fun twist by using marshmallow peeps!

16. Make a special Easter breakfast

There’s no better start to the day than having a delicious breakfast. Why not make it special with a unique Easter breakfast for your family.

17. Plant Jelly Beans 

Easter tradition


Plant jelly beans in a small patch of dirt with your kids the night before Easter and secretly replace the jelly beans with peeps on a stick. This will make your kids think that they grew a peep garden!

18. Host a “Jesus Dinner”

Kids will LOVE this one! You can eat with your hands, on a charcuterie board, and talk about the resurrection and real meaning of Easter. However, you can add your own style to the dinner.

19. Send Easter flowers

Send Easter flowers to your old parents, extended family, and friends. You can send them the most popular Easter flowers like lilies, tulips, daffodils, daisies, and yellow roses.

20. Read a crime novel or watch a crime show

279/365 - properly, we should read for power. man reading should be man intensely alive. the book should be a ball of light in one's hand.

Reading a crime novel or watching a crime show on Easter is actually a Norwegian tradition. This tradition started with the immense popularity of a crime novel in 1923, set on the Bergen railway. So if you are a die-hard fan of crime-thriller shows or novels, then this might be the perfect way for you to celebrate Easter.

Well, there you have it… pick your favs and have a safe and fun Easter!

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