15 Drool-Worthy Pillows For Anyone Who Loves Food And Naps!

Drool worthy pillows

Food. Sleep. Our two favorite things in this whole wide world. Imagine a world where you can combine both of them. We present 15 big drool-worthy pillows that are all about food for someone who loves to nap. Get them for your room or add them to your gift options list, these babies are too real to miss!

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1. A freshly baked bread that will remind you of a bakery

baked bread pillows


While it might be tempting to hear the crunch of this realistic bread, try resisting it.

Buy for $20.99

2. When you actually buy ‘couch potato‘ & be one too 😛

couch potato big pillow


Binge watch your favourite shows on the couch with a couch potato!

Buy for $52.14

3. You should always get what you love & we love burgers!

burger pillows


Never separate yourself from the thing you love the most!

Buy for $17.99

4. A sushi roll pillow to roll in the bed, for a true Sushi lover!

sushi roll pillows


If you love sushi and can’t stop eating it then this sushi pillow is a must buy!

Buy for $17.95

5. Love chicken? Can’t live without it? How about a chicken’s leg that you can cuddle with?

chicken leg big pillow


You can also choose between a chicken wing, shrimp, and squid. These big pillows are extremely soft and feel comfortable to touch and sleep on it.

Buy for $18.99

6. A fluffy dumpling pillow to get all cozied up like a dumpling!

dumpling pillow


They are great throw pillows for your living room.

Buy for $7.99

Bonus: A cute dumpling chew toy so that your furry pal can nap without being jealous!

dumpling chew toy for pets


Buy for $9.99

7. There’s always some room for dessert, right? Waffle pillows to drool in the sweetest of dreams.

waffle big pillow


Doesn’t it look life-like?

Buy for $43.47

8. French fries are everyone’s BFFs.

french fries pillow


Fries are everyone’s comfort food and now you can sleep on some crusty ones.

Buy for $16.99

10. Breakfast time equals toast time

bread pillow


It’s so adorable!

Buy for $12.99

11. Need some juicy steak to make your day better? How about this one? We assure you this isn’t vegan…

steak pillow


Buy for $16.49

12. Some totally heatable, adorable S’mores that can be your perfect ‘period’ partner.

s'mores plush


It provides extra warmth and is ultra plushy!

Buy for $19.99

13. This adorable squishy avocado plushie looks so delicious!

avocado plush


It’s so cute that we just want to eat it even though we know we can’t. Sigh.

Buy for $19.99

14. What’s breakfast if it doesn’t have donuts?

Donut pillow


And it’s available in three colors.

Buy for $12.99

15. How can this list be complete without some never-melting ice cream?!

Icecream pillows


It’s our first love.

Buy for $19.99

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