Drive-Thru Employees Share What All They Can Hear While You Order & It’s Kinda Scary!

Drive-thru employees TikTok

Drive-thru employees from various fast-food chains are talking about what goes behind-the-scenes while people order on TikTok and Reddit. The conversation is going viral on the Internet and you’d think tons of time before you talk while ordering next time!

It all started when @zandergjura on TikTok gave a sneak-peek from behind the stage at the Starbucks drive-thru where he works. The video has got over 1.5 million views so far.

And he let us in on the biggest of secrets ever- “We can see you when you pull up. We can see your face. In your car and everything,” Zander said on his TikTok.

drive-thru secrets

And it’s not just that. Every other employee in the store has a headset to hear all about your order! So while you think you’re only talking to just one person, there is quite an audience back there for you!

drive thru

You can watch the video here!


Yes, we can all hear you. And yes we do sometimes make fun of your drink #Wishlist #StrikeAPosay #OREOFORSANTA #starbucks #drivethru #xyzbca #fyp

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Not just Zander, Reddit joined the bandwagon, where several employees spilled the beans on what happens at the back-stage of a typical drive-thru.

Reddit user u/HawaiianShirtsOR asked drive-thru workers, “Fast food employees, how sensitive are the drive-thru microphones? What unexpected stuff have you heard from customers who didn’t think you could hear them?












Ummm…so do you think you ever made an ooopsie?