Check Out This Mystical Dragon Bench That Was Carved Using A Chainsaw

Behold! Witness the brilliance of an Estonian artist Igor Loskutow, who is an award-winning practitioner of chainsaw art. He also belongs to the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team. They travel to various events across Europe in order to demonstrate their cutting skills.

Artist Luskutow won the Huskycup World Title for this magnifiscent dragon bench back in 2015 and we can tell why!

chainsaw art

The details that the artist was able to sculpt out using a chainsaw are just incredible!

Here’s the process of how the dragon bench was made.

chainsaw dragon bench
chainsaw dragon bench
work in progress dragon
finished dragon bench with chainsaw

Image Source – Steampunk Tendencies

This dragon bench is not just a statement piece of furniture, but it’s literally art. Hats off to the artist!

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