Alluring Images Show The Different “Moods” Of Ocean Waves

Ocean wave photography

Australia-based photographer, Matt Burgess captures the striking beauty of open waters through his amazing ocean wave photography. Burgess spends hours in the sea with its wave crests and eddying colors, documenting these hypnotic moments.

The images show different “moods” of oceans. Burgess shares a variety of photos on Instagram, and some of the most convincing compositions give us a close-up view of the water. It’s like we’re in the ocean by the photographer’s side.

Scroll below to witness the hypnotizing beauty of the ocean waves and their different moods.

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During the last six years, Burgess has sharpened his eye for ocean photography and turned it into a ritual in his life. He writes, “One thing that draws me to the water most mornings before the sun rises is the relationship between water and light.” According to him, “there is no better way to start the day.”

For more information: Matt Burgess: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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