Deer With Rare Condition ‘Piebaldism’, Becomes A Star At His New Home

It’s crazy who this world of ours flourishes with unique beings that add to the extensive puzzle we call Planet Earth. We have all seen various types of animals with albinism, but have you ever seen one with piebaldism? This beautiful deer is a gift of nature and has a rare condition.


Meet the cutest most unique baby deer, Dragon. The poor fawn was rejected from his mother at birth.


This little deer has happily found a new loving home at Deer Tracks Junction. It is an animal farm in Cedar Springs. The place is where he got his name, Dragon.


Image Source – Deer Tracks Junction

Dragon is a piebald. The condition Piebaldism is characterized by the absence of a certain type of cells called melanocytes. These are absent in certain areas of the hair and the skin. Melanocytes are present to produce a pigment called melanin, which adds to the color of the eye, hair, and skin, the absence of which leads to lighter than normal patches of skin and hair.

This is why Dragon’s face and underbody are white. Either way, he’s too damn cute.

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