20 Decor Items To Make A Cozy Pinterest-y Corner For Yourself In A Budget

Have you always wondered what it’d take to have one of those cool, aesthetic looking corners that you see on Pinterest to be transported into your homes? Well, honestly just a vision for what you want the corner to look like and a few decor pieces we’ve curated for you – That is all you need!

1. Sevenstars Mountain Tapestry Forest Tree

Sevenstars Mountain Tapestry Forest Tree


Wall’s all white and want to add a big chunk of color to it without making a big dent in your wallet and a crazy paint-job commitment? Well here’s a Taperstry of a forest landscapes that’ll be very fitting for your requirement and bring the room together.

Customer Review:
“We built a custom frame for this piece and it turned out amazing! It filled up our large wall perfectly! Great picture and vivid colors.”

Buy for $14.51 ($23.99)

2. Wall Art Décor with Watercolor Green Leaf

Wall Art Décor with Watercolor Green Leaf


Want to add a dash of tropical color to your artsy corner that’s everything aesthetic? Here’s a 4 frame set of pictures with walnut frames.

Customer Review:
“They are a beautiful piece of art to add to your bathroom. We hung this on the wall. It was easy to hang up. The frame and picture are good quality. The packing was great. It was wrapped so the glass couldn’t break. Would highly recommend”

Buy for $25.99

3. HAOCOO Evil Eye Area Rug

HAOCOO Evil Eye Area Rug


This rug is not only a great conversation starter, but its uniqueness will not let an eye on it go amiss. It’s a statement piece and will definitely add that extra edge, decor-wise to the cozy corner of your home.

Customer Review:
“Very Soft, Unique, Beautiful. I Love It. The Rug Is an Eye Catcher And Statement Piece For My Currently Still Under-Decorating Living Room. Very Boho Which Is What I Was looking For With Little Hints Of PINK.”

Buy for $40.99

4. Scratch The World Travel Map

Scratch The World Travel Map


Another unique addition to the Pinterest-y corner could be this scratch world map. If you’re an avid traveller, this one’s a must-have! You could scratch off places you’ve visited and have it hanging up there on your wall for future inspo!

Customer Review:
“My daughter ordered this as a gift for a friend, she really liked it and was exactly what it looked like. thank you”

Buy for 24.99 ($35.95)

5. Macrame Wall Hanging Art

2 Pcs Macrame Wall Hanging Art


Truth be told, no item is more aesthetic and versatile than macrame art whether as wall-hangings, rugs, or planters. These 2 Pcs wall art hanging will make the perfect addition to you Pinterest-y corner vibes.

Customer Review:
“Looooove these macrame wall hangings! They are just what I needed to finish my boho themed bedroom. Everywhere I looked for these they were way more expensive. And I also love the size of them. They are perfect! I like how having the two together break up my wall a little bit. Sooo pleased with my purchase!”

Buy for $15.98 ($16.99)

6. Cactus Ring Holder Tower

Cactus Ring Holder Tower


This cactus ring holder is TOO cute to not buy, don’t you think? Imagine it simply sitting on a small teapoy or a coffee table in the corner of your house, where you can place your trinkets and let it add to the aesthetics of your house. It has great utility and doubles as a cute piece of decor too!

Customer Review:
“I use this everyday! I love this little jewelry/ ring holder. It’s adorable and my rings fit perfectly. I loveeeee it.”

Buy for $23.99 ($26.99)

7. Retro Bluetooth Speaker


We cannot get over how adorable this retro Bluetooth speaker is! It’s got a vintage look going on and has state-of-the-art Bluetooth for your tunes! It adds up as a great piece of decor to your corner filled with chill vibes and is worth every penny. Let’s not get started on how unique it is as it also doubles as a radio!

Customer Review:
“I wanted a small radio to use at my desk that was small/portable and usb rechargeable. I was pretty leery because of the price, but this little radio/speaker was worth it (at least to me)! The sound is great, the reception the radio is amazing! The station I usually listen to is bad at best, but this little radio gets it clear as day. The carry case, unfortunately, is collecting dust. But the radio and speaker is great!”

Buy for $123.00

8. TIMEYARD Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

TIMEYARD Floating Shelves Wall Mounted


The next product on our list is this nifty set of floating shelves. Easy to install, these shelves could hold your books, maybe some scented candles and decor items. Because of its minimalistic design, it’d not make the Pinterest-y corner look too cluttered!

Customer Review:
“Sturdy, easy to install and so so cute!! I would definitely recommend if you are looking for something to fill some space on your wall.”

Buy for $22.99

9. YAMAZAKI home Leaning Ladder Rack

YAMAZAKI home Leaning Ladder Rack


Mhmm, yes. You’re not wrong! A ladder is a rather unusual and peculiar choice of decor item but then again, hear us out. Imagine it resting against a wall, maybe a hat perched up on one of its corner, a throw blanket on it and some fairy lights spiralled around it as well. To complete the set up, you could place plants at the base of the ladder. Voila!

Customer Review:
“I’m always wary about products requiring self-assembly (probably due to all the IKEA mishaps I had as a college student), but this item took less than ten minutes to assemble. Well-made, sleek ladder and a unique decor accent.”

Buy for $55.00 

10. Artificial Leaves Tropical Monstera Leaves Palm Tree Leaf Plant

Artificial Leaves Tropical Monstera Leaves Palm Tree Leaf Plant


Afraid you’ll fudge up a real plant but still want some greenery in that cozy corner of the house? Here’s an artificial monstera palm plant that looks just as real and does the job. Plants add as great pieces of decor, to be honest.

Customer Review:
“Love these. Very sturdy stems and such a great price for the quality! A super easy & modern way to jazz up your living room, bedroom, etc. Will be purchasing more!”

Buy for $17.99

11. Full Length Mirror Large Floor Full Mirror

Full Length Mirror Large Floor Full Mirror


We cannot stress this enough, but a mirror is kind of like an integral part of the entire cozy corner decor set up. This sleek floor mirror is just perfect for this vibe. Also, did you know mirrors can make a small place look bigger than it really is? Yup, it’s true.

Customer Review:
“Really awesome mirror and it is quite large for the price. I love the sleek look of the frame. So happy with it!”

Buy for $124.99

12. CCTRO Hammock Chair Macrame Swing

CCTRO Hammock Chair Macrame Swing


At some point in out childhood, we’ve all dreamt of having a swing in our homes. Now that we’re adults, we can make that happen! This macrame hammock is your childhood dream meets adult decor and utility. You can place this in one of the corners of your house and build a sanctum of peace around it. A chill area, if we may.

Customer Review:
“Loved it! The design goes well with the room decor. The purchase was for an 11 year old so we added jewels and fancy pillows to it which makes it even better. You can hang the chair as high or low as you want. We did have to buy additional hardware to do so, but I don’t think it was over $10. The quality of the chair is good… not flimsy or easy to roll over while hanging from it. Looks just like the picture.”

Buy for $49.99

13. Macramé Pouf Floor Ottoman

Macramé Pouf Floor Ottoman


Yep. Macrame is all the rage now a days when it comes to home styling, be it decor or furniture. Here’s a super cool macrame ottoman that’ll fit easily in a small space that you want to fit in or perhaps need to rest your books on. It’s available in various colors and trust us when we say this – it’s very comfortable and durable! They make for a good leg rest as well.

Customer Review:
“Pro Tip. These are made for propping up your feet. If you are 250lb+ you probably shouldn’t be sitting your rear end on these with regularity. Buy a stool if that’s your expectation. These are great and do what they are supposed to!”

Buy for $67.99

14. Artificial Faux Pampas Grass

Artificial Faux Pampas Grass


Speaking of artificial plants to spruce up your home, the hottest decor trend is stalks of pampas grass in a ceramic or glass vase in various corners of your house. Their muted tone blends in with the environment, but still adds an edge to the room. These will look great in the cozy corner of your house you’re trying to build.

Customer Review:
“Perfect addition to my dry flower arrangements”

Buy for $19.95

15. All-Natural Scented Soy Candle, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus

All-Natural Scented Soy Candle, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus


Candles! Mmmmmm… they can add calmness and make you feel stress-free in a jiffy. Which is why it goes without saying that you gotta add a scented candle to the cozy corner as a decor piece or to fill up your senses with pure bliss!

Customer Review:
“I’ve bought dozens of candles off amazon and honestly, most of them suck. They burn way to fast and don’t smell good at all. The HHI candle is by far the best one I’ve tried yet, I highly recommend it.”

Buy for $15.95

16. Globe Electric Holden 70″ Floor Lamp

Globe Electric Holden 70" Floor Lamp


Light accents are always great decor additions to your home to add some personality to it. This sleek brass minimalitic 70″ floor lamp will fit right into any corner of your home.

Customer Review:
“This is a clean, minimalist style lamp. If you’re buying this kind of lamp, you already know you’re the kind of person who digs this look. I chose a long style bulb to use with a lamp shade I bought. It’s solid. You turn the lamp on/off with a foot button, super cool!”

Buy for $44.99

17. Little Hippo 2pc Large Cotton Rope Basket

Little Hippo 2pc Large Cotton Rope Basket


Placed anywhere, these rope baskets are surely of great use. But with respect to what we’re looking for, when place in the cozy corner, the baskets can house some throw blankets, perhaps some cozy blankets and a couple of pillows for when your guests need to get comfy.

Customer Review:
“I ended up liking this rope basket so much, I ordered two more. Pictured are two of the larger baskets that I ordered separately. Each also come with a smaller basket, perfect to fit small items. I have one filled with board books. I love the neutral color that goes great with my cream walls. “

Buy for $15.95

18. BOURINA Throw Blanket

BOURINA Throw Blanket


Speaking of throw blankets, the very sight of this one makes us wanna cuddle with it and take a quick nap. This off-white blanket can be thrown in the basket (as above), or be perched on a chair in the corner or simply laid out of the sofa. Either way, it’s a freaking 10/10.

Customer Review:
“Supersoft – I love it…Just note that it snags easily so keep it away from pets or it will run like a stocking.”

Buy for $19.99 ($23.99)

19. Top Finel Square Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Top Finel Square Decorative Throw Pillow Covers


And now for some cozy pillows. Mind you, these are just pillow covers, so you’ll have to buy the cushions separately. Having said that, these will simply elevate the decor style for your corner and make it even more comfortable. Imagine reading a book with you tucked in a throw blanket with some pillow by your side.

Customer Review:
“Soft, bohemian-styled 20” pillow covers. Exactly what I was looking for! Extremely soft and the material feels like it will last. I was worried the tassel-balls would fall off when I put my pillows in, but no problems at all. Overall, extremely happy with this purchase.”

Buy for $15.99 ($20.99)

20. USB Fairy String Lights with Remote and Power Adapter

USB Fairy String Lights with Remote and Power Adapter


And of course, the decor of this cozy Pinterest-y corner would not be complete if it wasn’t for a few twinkling fairy lights. It’s crazy how the can take the vibe of a spot form 0 to 100 so quickly!

Customer Review:
“I was afraid the lights would be too short and dull, but they eneded up be plenty long enough to wrap around my entire room and wind down my wall. The brightness of the lights is perfect as a low lit source of light. I just keep the fairy lights on instead of the big ceiling light and i have plenty of light. They are also really cute.”

Buy for $13.99

With this list of products, you should be able to design and decorate your cozy spot in a whim!

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