16 Times People Came Up With Crazy Ideas To Escape Annoying Situations

Scientists say that genius and insanity may actually go together. Some people know how to come up with a solution to anything and their ideas seem crazy, yet so witty, that they made us wonder how didn’t we think of them.

1. This mom came up with the fastest way to cool fries for her kids. Nice idea Mommy!

2. You will love this idea if you are a Joey. Eating without sharing.

Nice way to eat without sharing

TheRealMrsElle / reddit

3. Just set up a conference call between 2 screens so you can hit up the back and sides. Who needs a barber now, cut your hair by all yourself

Tips to cut your own hair

jeromocles / reddit

4. No Mixer? Hold my beer!

no mixer?

unknown / reddit

5. Moms are super intelligent!

mum is living in 3019

simonearl6 / twitter

6. Dipping oreo in milk with a fork. Why didn’t I think of this?

Dipping oreo in the milk with a fork

Eredhel / reddit

7. Take tips from genius moms. Enjoy candy from a coffee mug while kids clean up their toys. Kids won’t know what’s in that mug 😉

8. Trick your cat with a decoy laptop if your cat won’t let you sit alone while working from home

Trick your cat

NyangNyang / reddit

9. Great idea to keep your hands clean when you are snacking while working.

Snacking while working

palijer / reddit

10. Told ya, moms are a super genius

Mom hiding candies

Ryan_McCran / twitter

11. Turn a cheap bike into a peloton

bike into peloton

lts_nodnarb / reddit

12. Tired of kids losing the remotes? We got you!

Kids lose the remote

unknown / imgur

13. Plain genius or lazy?

Mowing lawn

cakesinyoface / reddit

14. Definitely genius

Solving netflix problems

mikeangiulo / twitter

15. Grabbing popcorn made easy!

Making eating popcorn easy

bcarter12 / reddit

16. Moms have solutions to every problem. Do this when your kid won’t sit still.

Do this when kids wont sit still

EMF911 / reddit

Damn! Why didn’t I think of them? Tell us your original crazy ideas to handle such problems.

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