15 Lucky Couples Who Found Their ‘Happily Ever After’ On Twitter

Couples who found love on Twitter FI

We all love a good love story. And since we are in the 21st century, the modes have sort of evolved. We do spend an insane amount of time on social media platforms, so, why not let social media play cupid? While we can’t help wishing for a magic trick that helps us find that right person, here are some lucky couples of them their soulmates on Twitter!

If you too are one of them, tell us your love story! We would love to feature you.

1. Somewhere between the Dodgers and Lakers, love happened!

couples who found love on twitter - sports


2. Met each other through Twitter, now, engaged

couples who found love on twitter - engaged


3. A DM and three years later, they have a child together

The deacon’s baby girl

4. 2 years, 4000 miles, & 47288292828292 calls later

how it started and ended - couples who found love


5. An innocent DM that led to Ben bending on his knee, four years later!

bent the knee - couples who found love

Ben Axelrod

6. Such a tweeeet love story!

engaged to a man through twitter


7. This gorgeous woman slid into his DMs and flew him out to her state and now, they live happily ever after!

flew him out - couples who found love


8. Date at Applebees and since then, they are unbreakable!



9. Sometimes, all you need to do is RISK IT!

couple who found love on twitter - dropped number


10. Mutual friends, a DM about dogs, and two years later, they are still together

dog walk - couples who found love


11. Met on Twitter and got a dream proposal 3 years later!

hiking proposal - couples who found love on twitter

Taylor Phillips

12. Started with an unconventional tweet that led to a beautiful marriage

unconventional tweet - couples who found love on twitter

Jernoicus Jangle III

13. This beautiful couple is still together after four years!

4 years together


14. This is so beautiful. Makes us believe in destiny!

met on twitter and then married


15. A tweet about being alone on Valentine’s Day got them together! Isn’t it amazing?

alone on valentine's day tweet

tati mama

We are not crying, you are! Maybe our love story is just a DM/tweet away.
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