This Elevated Circular Cycling Path Lets You Cycle Through The Treetops

You can now cycle among the treetops, thanks to a new public infrastructure project–– Cycling Through the Trees, which is a raised bike path, that allows riders to pedal through the forest and the treetops.

cycling through treetops

BuroLandschap and De Gregorio & Partners together designed this project. The design of the cycling track is elevated so that cyclists can enjoy the stunning views of the Pijnven nature reserve.

Pieter Daenen, the founder of BuroLanschap says, “The trees were of course very important, After all, cycling through the trees would no longer make sense if trees were damaged or destroyed after the construction of the structure.” So the intention behind the circular design was to keep the trees unharmed.

The center of the circle was built with the help of a crane. There was a minuscule invasion to the surrounding plant life and the trees, although some trees were trimmed to make a way for the route, they were reused to create some interesting shelters near the circular path.

cycling through treetops
Elevated circular path to cycle through treetops

The view from the upper tracks is absolutely breathtaking. But we can’t also neglect the view from the ground, which gives a very pleasant experience.

The raised path is held up by a tall Corten steel pillar that absolutely blends with the trees around them. Because the trees are not regularly spaced in nature the designers had to scatter the columns in intervals of one, two, and three meters apart to fit the path with the trees.

Cycle through the trees is definitely a unique project but it is not the only path of its kind. Head to the Visit Limburg, the province’s tourism organization, which also invested in another unique project–– Cycling through the Water in 2016.

If you are visiting Limburg anytime soon, then we suggest you must go cycling on this circular path.

All images via Visit Limburg

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