20 Christmas Home Decor Items that Scream Holiday and Fun!

Christmas Home Decor Items

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas 2020 is here, our homes are filled with light and our hearts are filled with joy. Since we are spending a lot of time at home this year, it’s probably time we start decorating already. Need new Christmas home decor and ornaments or are pining for some cones and new Christmas decor pieces? We’ve got your back!

1. Artificial Christmas Tree with Ornaments

 KI Store 6ft Artificial Christmas Tree with Ornaments, Christmas home decor


The first thing that comes in one’s mind when it comes to Christmas decor is a CHRISTMAS TREE! The center of attraction, the joy-bringer and the most fun to decorate. This tree is tall at 6 feet and comes with a good amount of ornaments. For such a good price, it’s a steal!

Buy for $169.99

2. LED Star Lights

12 Stars 138 LED Star Lights, Christmas home decor


Why settle for basic twinkling fairy lights when you can buy these beautiful starry ones? It’s like having a cluster of stars in your house and they look so aesthetic at night.

Buy for $23.99

3. Snowflake String Lights

Snowflake String Lights


Another fun set of string lights are these fairy lights shaped in the form of snowflakes. Doesn’t snow where you stay? So what! Get these twinkling wonders at home and make your holiday dreams come true!

Buy for $14.98

4. Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt 

Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt , Christmas home decor


We all look at making sure the top and the entire tree are well decorated but more often than not forget about its bottom. Make sure your tree looks just as pretty and prim even at the bottom with this faux fur Christmas Tree Skirt, and you’re good to go for a perfect Instagrammable shot.

Buy for $29.99

5. Engraved Tree Branch Candle Holders

Engraved Tree Branch Candle Holders


Placed at your coffee table, dining table or on your nightstand, how stylish do these unique engraved tree branch candles look! For such a good deal, you’ll get a set of 4! They also make for a sweet and small Christmas present.

Buy for $18.99 

6. Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Garland (9 ft)

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Garland (9 ft), Christmas home decor


Decorating your door frame or your staircase handle just got fairly simple and lit this Christmas! All you gotta do is wrap this around and secure it with some tape and you’re good to go!

Buy for $32.99

7. Purple and Blue Christmas Shatterproof Ornament Balls

R N' D Toys 100 Purple and Blue Christmas Shatterproof Ornament Balls , Christmas home decor


Thinking of going a lil colorful this holiday season? These blue and purple ornament balls will definitely add the vibrant Christmas cheer you’re looking for! What’s great is that it’s shatterproof. So if you have pets or children who might run into the tree, they’re both going to be safe!

Buy for $40.99

8. Winter Wonderland Christmas Snowflakes Window Clings Decals

Winter Wonderland Christmas Snowflakes Window Clings Decals


Hey! Your windows need to be Christmas-ed up too, right? These decals a.k.a stickers are temporary decor fixes that’ll help you bring your entire holiday look together.

Buy for $9.99 ($10.99)

9. Old World Christmas Ornaments: Pickle Glass

Old World Christmas Ornaments: Pickle Glass, Christmas home decor


We bet you haven’t seen an ornament like so! Isn’t it so fun, unique, and a lil off the road? Christmas is all about making memories and building traditions, so why not add this lil oldie to yours?

Buy for $12.24

10. Christmas Tree Topper with LED Snowflake Projector

Balhvit Christmas Tree Topper with LED Snowflake Projector


No tree is ever complete without a tree topper on it, so we have the perfect one just for you! What makes this one so unique is that it lights up and projects snowflakes! Could this be anymore Christmasy?

Buy for $29.99

11. Metal Reindeer Tea Light Candle Holders

Metal Reindeer Tea Light Candle Holders


There’s nothing that sets the mood like the lighting of tea light candles. And what better way to have them be a part of your decor than with these festive reindeer candle holders.

Buy for $17.99 ($19.99)

12. Christmas Reindeer Porch Light

Christmas Reindeer Porch Light


While the inside of your home is all decked up and lit up with Christmas lights, why should the outdoors be left behind? Here’s a pair of Reindeer Porch Lights that will keep the spirits of the holiday high even on the outside.

Buy for $28.99

13. Old World Christmas Manatee Glass Blown Ornaments

Old World Christmas Manatee Glass Blown Ornaments


Speaking of unique, just like the pickle ornament, this is also a must have to give your tree that lil extra something, dontcha think?

Buy for $16.31

14. Frasier Fir Candle

Frasier Fir Candle


Makes for a good gift and an even better Xmas decor item on your dining table. This Fraiser Fir Candle has a seasonal woodsy aroma that smells like a whole forest in a lil jar!

Buy for $20.99

15. Christmas Toilet Seat Cover

Christmas Toilet Seat Cover, Christmas home decor


Come Christmas, no corner of your house should be left undecorated and no stone unturned when it comes to getting into the holiday spirit. Why not give a cute Xmas touch to your lavatory with this seat cover as well? It’s definitely something to chuckle about!

Buy for $12.99

16. Pine Cone Fairy Lights

Pine Cone Fairy Lights, Christmas home decor


Adding a unique twist to generic fairy lights are these lil pine cones in them. You can simply hang them against a plain wall or finish your tree up with these!

Buy for $21.99

17. Christmas Tree Neon Sign

Christmas Tree Neon Sign, Christmas home decor


Another cool addition to your Christmas decor shenanigans can be this cool looking tree neon sign! It’s new, it’s contemporary and something that’ll add a subtle touch of the holidays to your homes.

Buy for $11.99

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18. Face Mask Ornament

Face Mask Ornament, Christmas home decor


We all know how difficult 2020 has been for us all given the climate of thing around us, so why not commemorate it in a fun and quirky way with this mask ornament?

Buy for $12.99

19. 2020 Grinch Hand Christmas Ornaments

2020 Grinch Hand Christmas Ornaments, Christmas home decor


Speaking of quirky tree ornaments, here’s one with the Grinch’s touch.

Buy for $12.99

20. ‘It’s About to Get Lit’ Banner

'It's About to Get Lit' Banner


Get lit this Christmas quite literally with the gold glittery banner to get you into the holiday spirit right away! You can hang it in your kitchen, dining room or at the porch likewise.

Buy for $7.99 ($9.99)

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