Cat Performs 26 Tricks In One Minute, Breaks Guinness World Record

We all know how cats are pretty smart. Here’s another cat who proved again that they are among the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom. A cat mom, Anika Moritz from Austria, and her feline Alexis recently established a Guinness World Record for the “most tricks performed by a cat in one minute”.

Guinness World Records announced this on their official Facebook page and shared a video of the cat performing 26 tricks in 60 seconds. “Congratulations to Alexis the cat and owner Anika Moritz from Niederösterreich in Austria. Anika got Alexis when she was 11 years old and started the training a few weeks after her arrival. Alexis is described as trusting, loves to cuddle but also appreciates her freedom”, wrote the page in their own comment section.

cat performs tricks


In the video, you can see Anika guiding her cat through various tricks using sign language that only the two can understand.

Anika got Alexis when she was 11 yrs old, and since then they both share a special bond. “Alexis changed my life,” says Anika.

“We are doing tricks since she was a kitten and she loves trick time so much. I would say that it is our passion. Cats are such intelligent little creatures, who deserve to be treated well…Training enriches the cat’s life and prevents behavior problems.” GuinnessWorldRecords

Watch the video and let us know what do you think of this.

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