15 Useful Things You Must Buy If You Love Your Car

car accessories

So you own a car and you happen to be in awe of her! We have curated a list of car accessories that will upgrade and enhance your driving, and keep your car happy.

From a phone mount to back seat organizers, these car gadgets and accessories will save you and your car from all the troubles. Buy these products – you will thank us every time you hit the road.

Here’s what your car definitely needs, but will never say, because well it can’t!

1. If you have a furry friend then get a car seat travel carrier

Car Accessories and Gadgets - pet dog carrier


It’s washable and gives your pet ample space to sit comfortably. It’s also safe and secure when driving. And oh, you will love this – It’s waterproof.

Customer Review
This is the best amazon purchase I’ve ever made! My 5-month-old puppy would always throw up in the car – no matter how short our car ride was. For some reason, she was always nervous to be in the car and got car sick. Ever since we got this, she hasn’t thrown up. She is super comfy in her little “square” and even naps while driving.”

Buy for $16.86

2. A 4 port car charger because you are always running out of battery!

4 port car charger - Car Accessories and Gadgets


This 4 port 48-watt USB charger will charge up to four devices at a time—great for phones, tablets, and other devices.

Customer Review
I think I have had this charger for a couple of months now, so it is safe to review. I felt like this one was better because it offers more flexibility with charging different types of phones. The only drawback to this charger is that since it is not an actual Samsung, it charges slowly.

Buy for $16.49

3. A DVD player for non-stop entertainment irrespective of how long or short the journey is!

dvd player


It’s perfect if you have kids in this trip. This DVD player also works with CDs and MP3s. Simply put, you can enjoy music and audio books too!

Customer Review
It was very easy to install in my vehicle. It took about 5 minutes. I love how the headrest straps go around the headrest. One strap goes around the headrest vertically and the other horizontally. It played the movie well. Loud enough for the kids to hear it but my spouse and I could still talk to each other. Overall a great portable DVD player.”

Buy for $59.74

4. A pair of cool sunglasses because well, you don’t want to go blind on the road!

It’s important that they are handy and because sun blindness is a real thing. You don’t want that especially when driving.

This classic frame offers protection from harmful UVA/UVB sun rays and blue-light rays from screens. 



Buy for $49.98

If you want a stylish option then opt for these stellar polarised sunglasses



Buy for $35.00

5. Long road trip equals a messy car. But it doesn’t have to be! Get a portable vacuum cleaner

Car Accessories and Gadgets- vacuum cleaner


It’s small, lightweight but powerful.

Customer Review
“It is the best portable vacuum on the market as it has lots of power (16 volts). Given that type of power, it picks up so much debris, dust, and hair. .It stays charged a long time and Is easy to recharge… I highly recommend this product, and have purchased it for other family members.”

Buy for $49

6. A coffee holder because workdays don’t start without a cuppa and you can drink (coffee) and drive!

cup holder - Car Accessories and Gadgets


So, now you don’t have to worry about spilling any liquid (hot or cold) when you are driving. It will save you from cleaning up the mess too!

Customer Review
Such an excellent cup holder! I purchased a less expensive one elsewhere and it was total junk! This one seems like it will last forever, so much more strength than the less expensive ones. I was worried about what seemed like an odd shape for my little sports car, but the design is genius! Works so well!”

Buy for $10.99

7. Install this mirror dash camera to capture fun videos and yet be alive!

dash camera - Car Accessories and Gadgets


A dashcam is one of the best car gadgets you can buy for your safety. It can be quite beneficial in the event of an accident as it can provide proof to insurance companies and law enforcement.

It also helps with parking and works as an unattended surveillance guard while the vehicle is off.

Customer Review
I’m quite impressed with this product, I’ve always wanted one especially last time when I had a slight accident caused by other party and she tried blaming me, the video quality of this product is quite good, it automatically turns on with the car, I checked the videos and all were fully recorded and clear, mounting was easy too. Overall good purchase.

Buy for $79.99

8. Don’t forget to buy a cooler for a long road trip. It will be your best friend



You will be able to take foods that you wouldn’t be able to and even store few drinks that you need for the trip.

Customer Review
We camped for 3 days and three bags of ice melted only on the third day…not bad for less than 20 dollars right?!”

Buy for $16.88

9. A waterproof trash can to keep your car spotless, clean and happy.

trash can for car - car accessories


It’s waterproof and has elastic lid opening. So, you don’t have to open the can and it remains hygienic at the same time.

Customer Review
“It’s big. Bigger than anticipated. Or maybe my car is just smaller than anticipated. 😁 But it’s super sturdy and holds its shape. I love that it’s easy to line with a grocery bag. I wish it were smaller, but that’s hardly a defect. Totally deserves its 5 stars.”

Buy for $12.97

10. Drive wherever your heart takes you with a portable camping inflatable air mattress

car mattress


Enjoy a perfect night’s rest as this unique design allows the car mattress to lay flat by filling the space between the seat and the floor.

Buy for $32.79

11. A car tray table to make the most of late-night takeaways!

car tray


Stop juggling your food and enjoy your meal comfortably. This tray table has a padded smartphone stand, so you can watch and eat without making any mess.

Customer Review:
It’s amazing. If you ever need to drive and eat this is your answer. Sitting in the car and eating is really easy with this. The tray is so sturdy and I’ve never dripped or spilled anything. You can change the location of it so if you have a passenger you can still have it hold your food while you drive without bombarding the passengers’ space. it’s perfect !! 10/10 recommend”

Buy for $29.99

12. A car backseat organizer for someone who likes to keep the car clean and well ordered

Car Accessories and Gadgets


It also has space wherein you can use a tablet or pad.

Customer Review:
I try to keep my car organized and this is a huge help! I have 2 kids and one can’t leave home without her tablet. I love that this holds the tablet for her to watch it on the seat and not look down so much. It also has other pockets I can use for toys and things like tissues. Straps right to the back of the seat easily also.”

Buy for $10.99

13. Always keep a first-aid kit handy and also remember where you’ve put it…

first aid kit


Irrespective whether it’s a short journey or long, a first-aid kit should be available in every car.

Customer Review:
This 140 piece first aid kit I received is awesome. It is lightweight and carries everything you need for cuts, wounds, burns, and sanitizing. This kit is great for home, traveling, and air travel. It has sterile bandages, band-aids, wound dressings, topical and medicine as well as instruments to help aid you with gloves, adhesive bandage wrap. It is all packed in a tidy little kit that can go anywhere you go. I like this product for emergencies at home and on the road. It is nice to keep in the car or in my medicine cabinet.

Buy for $9.88

14. If you are driving, the first thing you might need is a wireless charging & windshield mount

wireless charger - Car Accessories and Gadgets


It’s easier and safer way to use your mobile phone while driving. You can use it as a GPS too.

Customer Review:
Love this phone holder. I just moved and use my Google maps a lot, so having a holder that charges the phone too is a must. It’s been on my dash for a month in 90° heat and lots of sun and has never fallen. The suction cup is sticky (doesn’t leave a residue though) so it stays in place well. I actually went to move it a few days ago and had a hard time that’s how secure it was.”

Buy for $29.98

15. Invest in a good orthopedic cushion. Driving should never be uncomfortable.

cushion - Car Accessories


Customer Review:
This product has been stellar. Constructed well with a non-slip back and a cushion that has give but still provides support. Originally purchased one for my husband and then got him another for the car and just got a third so I have one for myself. Highly recommend.”

Buy for $27.99

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