Burger Chain Renames Its Food Items To Office Supply So That People Can Claim Expenses

Something really fudging cool just happened! And no, this Billie Eilish did not release another song, but a burger chain sneakily renamed all its food items to office supplies. Why? So that it’d, allow customers to claim their expenses. So very sneaky indeed.

Items such as ‘Silicone Keyboard Cover’ and ‘Mini Dry Erase Whiteboard’ do not really sound too appetizing, but if you take one good look at the Good Fortune Burger you’re going to be drooling.

An Ergonomic Aluminium Laptop Stand is in reality a very delicious-looking burger, stacked up high with two patties along with two slices of cheese.

Good Fortune Burger is based in Toronto. But hey! You don’t have to worry, because you ain’t gonna find find a stapler in any of these buns.

Director of Operations, Jon Purdy, at Good Fortune Burger, told blogTO:

We just wanted an opportunity to put a smile on some people’s faces and have them have a little bit of a giggle.

These tongue-in-cheek Instagram posts have captions such as, ‘Ethical? No. Delicious? Yes’, with hashtags like – ‘#DontGetFired’.

Are these burgers worth the risk? Absolutely!

So if you live in Toronto, Canada and want a cheeky yet delicious meal, you know where to go. And hey! How about you try getting your bill paid for as well, at work? Teehee!

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