We Can’t Get Over This Video Of A Bunny Chomping A Snowman’s Carrot Nose

We can’t get enough of this cute video capturing a bunny chomping a snowman’s carrot nose. A bunny eating a carrot sounds like some scene from a cartoon movie, but this can be real if you live in Canada.

The Bryant family, from the Cambrian Heights suburb in Calgary, posted a wholesome video that showed a bunny nibbling a snowman’s carrot nose.

In the clip, it seems like the hungry bunny, which is as tall & as white as the snowman, was enjoying the tasty embellishing treat.

Bunny met Mr. Snowman

Bunny met snow

Bunny nibbling the snowman’s carrot nose


Bunny gave the snowman a little snow kiss


And there was barely anything left


Image credits: Hannah B

This video has over 258k views and was featured on the news, including on CBC and NBC.

Sheila Bryant grabbed her phone and started filming the adventure as the bunny approached, stood up on his back legs, and went face to face with the tiny snowman, who was just the right height.” CBC report

However, you should keep in mind that carrots shouldn’t be a rabbit’s primary source of food. According to RSPCA, ‘rabbits don’t naturally eat root vegetables or fruit.’

Carrots/fruits are high in sugar and should only be fed in small amounts as occasional treats. Rabbits need mainly hay and/or grass, some leafy greens, and a small, measured amount of pellets.’ RSPCA

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