11-year-old Boy Walks From Sicily To London For 2800 Kms To Visit His Grandma

boy walks from sicily to london
Romeo Cox walks 2800km to meet his grandma

Some stories just fill our hearts. One of them is a real-life story of Romeo Cox. An 11-year-old boy walks from Sicily to London for 93 days just to meet his grandma. Romeo Cox, missed his grandma so much during the lockdown that he decided to walk 2800 km to meet her. He traveled for 93 days just so he could give her the best hug.

Romeo and his parents had moved to Italy last year. But due to the pandemic, he realized that his grandma was all alone in the lockdown. So, he tried to persuade his parents at least 50 times before they relented. Finally, they agreed, on one condition, i.e., the journey had to be COVID-safe.

Romeo and his father, Phil took on this amazing adventure on June 20th walking their way from Italy to Switzerland, France and finally, the United Kingdom. They reached on September 21st and isolated themselves for two weeks before meeting his grandma.

Even though the destination, was a wholesome grandma hug, their journey is surely an unforgettable saga! They had planned to not use fuel. The duo got lost a couple of times, slept under the stars, fought off wild Pitbulls, and even tamed a feral donkey.

Romeo participated in some jam sessions and went on boat journeys. In an interview with Daily Mail, he said, “We got lost a few times. We slept under a wasp nest which wasn’t a good idea, got bloody feet, but we never thought about giving up.

As we got closer I just kept thinking about seeing my Granny, and how excited I was. I can’t wait to give her a cuddle, it’s been over a year since I last saw her. She was all alone during the lockdown.

He added, ‘I’m feeling tired now – like an old 100-year-old man – but it was so fun.’

Besides meeting his grandmother, this kind-hearted schoolboy has raised almost £18,000 for Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust. He is supporting refugee children because he believes that everyone should get ‘an equal chance to study & live!’

His friend Randolph had to walk miles as he migrated to Italy from Ghana until he found safety.

Romeo said, ‘He walked even further than I have on this trip, but without food and water and in fear. He was risking his life. He helped me when I came to Sicily, and so I wanted to help him and other vulnerable children in return.’

When they reached East London, the whole street came out and applauded them. Phil said, “A lot of people have responded because I think with so much dark and heavy news happening, this is something really positive.”

He added, “Walking was a bit frustrating at the beginning, but then it became something really beautiful. Slow travel is really special. Romeo never complained, we got up a 5 am and walked until the sun went down.”

Their journey also attracted the attention of Lord Alfred Dubs. He was among the few Jewish children who were rescued from the Nazis on the Kindertransport. Lord Alfred has arranged to meet this 11-year old boy after the coronavirus pandemic. 

What an incredible thought and journey! We hope Romeo is having the time of his life with his Granny and family ❤️