Blind Bison Lived A Lonely Life Until She Met A Calf & Now, They Are Inseparable

Blind Bison Lived A Lonely Life Until She Met A Calf & Now, They Are Inseparable FI

Meet Helen, a blind bison who had spent more than 6 years at Oregon’s Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. But sadly, Helen hadn’t made any friends in these past few years. She got nervous quickly, and it looked like that she might have to live out the rest of her life alone.

Helen was rescued from an auction when she was a baby. Sadly, the woman who got her and was taking care of her got sick. And Helen needed a new home. So, the farmers from Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary stepped in.

When Helen first got here she was very shy and seemed a little lonely, so we tried to pair her with ‘pasture pals’ so she could have a friend but no one really synced up with her,” Gwen said in an interview.

But she preferred spending time alone. The blind bison’s caretakers in the sanctuary tried putting other animals in her field but they got no results — she just wasn’t interested.

Gwen said, “We rescued a pregnant dairy cow named Betsy who gave birth to Oliver at the sanctuary. The minute he was big enough to go exploring he ventured out to Helen’s field and their friendship was almost immediate.

She was incredibly lonely, but then came Oliver. The young Jersey calf was inquisitive from birth. And fortunately, he managed to break down Helen’s barriers. She began to trust him and soon, they became best friends.

Now, the pair is inseparable.

They quickly became best friends, and Helen’s motherly instinct kicked in. She began grooming Oliver. As their friendship blossomed, Helen’s attitude started to change, and she was visibly happier. And now, she is a foster mother to all the rescue animals in the sanctuary.

Check out few pictures of Helen with other animals –

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