We Can’t Keep Calm ‘Cause These Birds Look Like Flying Pieces Of Cotton Candy – OMG!

Japan is a beautiful country be it the cherry blossoms, the sushi, Mt. Fuji, Teppanyaki, or these birds that look like COTTON CANDY!

We all know how a trip to Japan is a once in a lifetime travel destination. You gotta plan your trip wisely so that you do not miss out on one thing – the Shima-enaga bird.

These cute flying floofly lil blobs of cotton candy!

cotton candy bird - shima-enaga


We’re saying if and when you do take a trip to Japan, do visit the island of Hokkaido. And when you do, make sure to look out for this tiny species of bird called Shima-enaga. These birds can be found in this region of Japan, only.

cotton candy bird - shima-enaga

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2 shima-enaga

Claudia Vanni

cotton candy bird - shima-enaga


This species of long-tailed tit complemented with tiny black eyes are very closely related to yet another tit species in Asia and Europe. Extremely cute, they resemble flying pieces of cotton-candy as well.

Oh dear Lord! That head tilt though.

head tilt shima-enaga

The Epoch Times

Hokkaido island in Japan, is well-known for its bird population across various species and national parks. The parks are rich in other wildlife as well. All the animals residing there are now accustomed to thousands of tourists paying them a visit to marvel at their beauty.

shima-enaga on hand


group of shima-enagas

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These head-tilts are going to be the death of us. For real.

cute head tile shima-enaga


Something you ought to know about the Shima-enaga birds is that they don’t like cold areas. In order to prepare for the colder season, they require access to food that is rich in energy.

They typically reach a size of roughly 13-15 cm in adulthood and weigh up to 9 grams. They live in large flocks as they have attuned themselves to living a communal life. Chances are you will most probably see them sitting in large groups of fluffy cotton candy cuteness!

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