20 Yummy Easter Eggs You Can Buy Online This Year

With Easter just around the corner, we are sure your preps for the holiday have already begun, but are you still wondering how to go about the Easter eggs’ situation? Whether to make a bunch or simply get some delicious ones delivered right to your doorstep? Honestly, we’re here to make your work less and have hence curated a list of 20 types of chocolate easter eggs that you can buy this holiday!

1. Chocolate Easter Egg

Chocolate Easter Egg


How pretty is this chocolate easter egg with the delicate yet colourful flowers and the golden cute stand it’s rested on. This egg is slightly special as it is hand-made, encrusted with Swarovski jewels and has a gold-plated stand. If you want to go the extra mile this Easter, this egg is how you’re going to nail it.

Customer Review:
“I ordered the white and blue egg to hold an engagement ring for my brother’s proposal. He proposed on Easter Sunday so this was perfect! Shipping was so quick and I was happy to receive it well before Easter Sunday. They were also quick to respond to questions and very helpful. The egg was even more beautiful in person and our whole family wondered where we got it from and thought it was such a creative proposal because of it. Thank you!!!”

Buy for $60.00

2. Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Super Pack

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Super Pack


Since it’s Cadbury we know for a fact it’s going to be yummy. But when it’s Cadbury easter eggs? The fun and deliciousness doubles! This super pack comes with 14 easter eggs and 3 bunnies.

Customer Review:
“Arrived quickly and very safely packaged – everything stayed in one piece. Loads of chocs to hide (and eat). Made the egg hunt extra fun this year! I’ll definitely be buying these again!”

Buy for $26.00

3. Smashing Easter Eggs

Smashing Easter Eggs


How cool are these easter eggs? The funniest part about these eggs is that you can smash ’em to find a surprise inside. These chocolate eggs can be filled with Peep, Jelly Beans, or Easter M&M’s depending on your taste and choice. Get these for your kids, ’cause it sure as hell is a winner. Get them before they’re sold out.

Customer Review:
“They are so cute! They will be the perfect addition to this year’s Easter basket! I love finding local people on here to support. Will definitely be buying from again.”

Buy for $7.95

4. M&M’S Easter Milk Chocolate Candy in Easter Eggs

M&M'S Easter Milk Chocolate Candy in Easter Eggs


Wait what? Easter eggs filled with M&M’s? Is this a dream come true or what? Again, when a popular candy brand makes easter eggs, you best believe they’re going to be fan-friggin-tastic.

Customer Review:
“Wow. There are 2 mini bags of M&M’s in each egg! My 2 year old grandson loves opening eggs and putting things into them. He really loved it when he found M&M’s inside. I gave him one egg, and saving the rest for Easter. Good job M&M’s. The package arrived on time as promised.”

Buy for $10.95

5. HERSHEY’S Cadbury Mini Eggs

HERSHEY'S Cadbury Mini Eggs


This is literally like Easter in a picture. These chocolate eggs are made of milk chocolate and come with crisp shell candy for that crunchy surprise you’re looking for when you bite into it. Get into the holiday spirit with this pack now!

Customer Review:
“I will definetly order these again next year….a family favorite !!!”

Buy for $20.75

6. Lindt Easter Limited Edition Pastel Mini Eggs

Lindt Easter Limited Edition Pastel Mini Eggs


You’ve definitely had Lindtt chocolates, but what if we tell you then have delicious easter eggs as well? Day made, right? You gotta get your hands on these appetizing limited edition pastel mini chocolate eggs.

Customer Review:
“Loved Loved Loved. Chocolate was delicious-coating had just the right crisp.”

Buy for $13.44

7. Ferrero Assorted Eggs

Ferrero Assorted Eggs


One of the most sought-after chocolates is Ferrero Rocher. A name that’s kinda difficult to roll off the tongue, but chocolate that almost melts in the mouth. The same ones bring to you an assortment of chocolate eggs. How can one say no?

Customer Review:
“They should have them all year long!!”

Buy for $25.00

8. Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs

Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs


The best thing about these chocolate easter eggs is their size, hence then can be used for your Easter decor on mini-sized baskets or simply be popped into the mouth or handed out to children. Definitely a win with kids and adults alike.

Customer Review:
“Delicious. Wish they were available year-round instead only at Easter”

Buy for $14.31

9. Ferrero Chocolate Covered Crispy Hazelnut Eggs

Ferrero Chocolate Covered Crispy Hazelnut Eggs


Ferrero’s at it again with a newer variant of easter eggs. This one has hazlenut chocolate eggs that are covered with crispy waffer. The goodness of both crunch and gooeyness is what you’ll get!

Customer Review:
“My granddaughters are too old for a basket, but they sure loved getting these!”

Buy for $18.85

10. Kinder Joy Eggs

Kinder Joy Eggs


A kid’s favorite, these eggs are available all-year-round and come with fun lil toys inside. Apart from having fun with delicious chocolate, the kids have an added surprise of a toy as well. Makes for good easter eggs if you don’t want to go down the traditional route.

Customer Review:
“I gave my son these for Christmas. He was so happy he loves the little prizes inside. The toys in these were so cool way better than the ones he usually gets at the grocery store. He only had one repeated toy. Will definitely purchase again.”

Buy for $22.45

11. Dove Milk Chocolate Silky Smooth Eggs

Dove Milk Chocolate Silky Smooth Eggs


Once again, there’s no way one could go wrong with milk chocolate eggs. This is a pack of two that roughly weighs 1.2 pounds. At this price? Worth it we’d say!

Customer Review:
“These chocolates are just so yummy. They came on time too. It is hard to find these yummy candies in our small town.”

Buy for $17.49

12. Maltesers Milk Chocolate Egg

Maltesers Milk Chocolate Egg


They’re yummy, they’ll melt in your mouth, these Maltesers Milk Chocolate Eggs are pure joy if you ask us. It’s not too small, not too big. Just the perfect size!

Customer Review:
“Perfect Easter gift for my long time Malteser fan Mumsy! Good size, not small.”

Buy for $23.00

13. Milkybar Mini Eggs

Milkybar Mini Eggs


Milkybar is yet another crowd-favorite because of its sweet-tasting white chocolate that’ll never fail you. These are white chocolate mini eggs in a crisp sugar shell. What’s not to like? Get yourself a bag this Easter.

Buy for $9.50

14. Russell Stover Milk Chocolate, Marshmallow Egg

Russell Stover Milk Chocolate, Marshmallow Egg


Hold up, we’re not kidding! These are marshmallow shaped Easter eggs covered in chocolate! It’s like Willy Wonka hand-crafted these himself. You HAVE to get these!

Customer Review:
“I love eating Russell Stover chocolate-covered marshmallows, but they are usually only sold around holidays. So, I decided to purchase them in bulk, online. They are SUPER DELICIOUS in my opinion. 🙂”

Buy for $21.18

15. Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Coconut Easter Eggs

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Coconut Easter Eggs


If you’re a bit of a health-nut even during the holidays, this sugar-free coconut-covered set of easter eggs is a good option for you. Be in the holiday spirit while being healthy.

Customer Review:
“You can trust this product to always be the same quality. They used to make sugar-free Marshmallow rabbits and coconut nests with jelly beans as eggs and chocolate rabbits. Please bring them back. Your sugar free quality products change the quality of life for a very large number of diabetics.”

Buy for $17.28 (pack of 6)

16. Cadbury Mini Caramel Eggs

Cadbury Mini Caramel Eggs


These are two things kids and adults alike, love! Chocolate + caramel. A combination one cannot go amiss with. And if they’re in the form of caramel eggs, a definite winner, we say!

Customer Review:
“Cadbury caramel eggs are high-quality milk chocolate filled with this incredibly ooey-gooey caramel. So delicious. If you’ve had the egg-sized ones, then you’ll like these mini ones. Personally, I like the lower proportion of caramel to chocolate of the mini size better, but if you like your caramel spilling over, go for the non-mini eggs.”

Buy for $11.95 

17. Oreo Easter Cookies & Creme Eggs Bag

Oreo Easter Cookies & Creme Eggs Bag


Be it Oreo cookies, ice cream, fudge, brownie or basically anything Oreo, you know it’s going to be good. Same logic applies here with delicious Oreo Cookies & Creme Easter Eggs. They’re festive, creamy and scrumptious!

Buy for $9.65

18. Reese’s Giant Peanut Butter Easter Egg

Reese's Giant Peanut Butter Easter Egg


Looking for a giant chocolate easter egg to celebrate Easter lavishly? This Reese’s Giant Peanut Butter Easter Egg is probably what you’re looking for. It also makes for a good centrepiece or easter basket filler.

Customer Review:
“What could be better than this? A tempting, welcomed treat anytime but especially for Easter! And especially for the grandchildren. (And me, too!)
Thanks, Hershey, for standing the test of time year-after-year with deliciousness enjoyed by all ages.”

Buy for $10.87

19. Panoramic Sugar Eggs

Panoramic Sugar Eggs


We cannot get over how beautiful these eggs look. They’re available in pretty pastel colors and make for good additions in baskets as well as for gifting friends and relatives.

Customer Review:
“These eggs were just beautiful! My grandchildren were thrilled and the shipment even arrived earlier than expected!”

Buy for $23.00

20. Personalised Easter Egg Chocolate Bauble

Personalised Easter Egg Chocolate Bauble


A thoughtful Easter gift if you’re looking for; with this personalized easter eggs chocolate bauble, you can have one’s names printed on it. How cool is that?

Customer Review:
“Exactly as shown! Even adapted the messaging for me, thank you”

Buy for $14.30

With so many options to choose from, what all are you going to add to your cart? The yummy options are unending.

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