16 Plant Products That Will Make You A Proud Plant Mama

Plant Products For Plant Mamas

Are you an aspiring plant mama? But cannot keep any plant alive for more than two days? We get you and we’ve got you covered! It’s simple- we start slow with low maintenance plants and keep them happy with plant products that are a must! These useful plant products and tools with help you take care of your green babies without really being a graduate in the subject!

1. Start with this low key and low maintenance ‘The Sill Plants For Beginners Subscription Box‘, to start your dream garden!

The Sill Plants For Beginners Subscription Box

You get a low light tolerant plant and one earthenware planter every month, that you choose from a variety of options. Check details at thesill.com

Monthly Subscription starts at $42.

2. This free-standing plant shelving unit to show your middle to large-sized beauties. The planter has more than enough space to accommodate a good number of plants and is super easy to assemble.

free-standing plant shelving unit, plant products

Buy for $39.99

3. A set of 2 rope plant baskets to give an eco-friendly makeover to your terracotta pots.

2 rope plant baskets , plant products

If you’re a plant mama, we bet you are always on the lookout for eco-friendly products. These will surely add to the room’s overall aesthetics, keeping your plant baby and the planet happy.

Customer Review: “I have been obsessed with plants lately and needed some more baskets to hold my plants. I love the look of these straw basket planters- they give such a cute boho-chic, farmhouse, vintage look– which has been so trendy in the interior design world. They really go well with all decor and it’s a lovely neutral light brown color. 

Buy for $21.99

4. Or this self-watering hanging basket so that you don’t overwater your plant children or starve them this time.

self-watering hanging basket

The built-in self-watering feature includes a water reservoir with an easy-fill water port that lets you monitor the water level and allows excess water to drain.

Customer Review: “Seriously perfect. Removable chains make repotting trailing plants much easier. The plug option for the outer basket is great for indoor plants. The inner pot is removable if needed. Have them hung on our homemade plant rod in the dining room.

Buy for $20.99

5. This stunning watering can to turn your daily watering ritual into literal art! Keep it close to your desk, to get free reminders to water your plant babies

stunning watering can

The watering can comes with a comfortable, non-slip design for a strong grip. The spout is long and thin, so it’s precise for getting water right to the base of the plant without disturbing the soil.

Buy for $9.99 

6. Get this super handy and helpful moisture meter to keep tabs on the moisture level of your plant babies.

moisture meter, plant products

A soil moisture meter helps testing soil moisture, the basic model works stably. Plug and read, responds quickly, and provides easy readout. Comes with a large dial, ten scales and also includes a watering guide for 200 plants printed on the back of the packaging.

Buy for $10.97

7. These cute yet chic Terracotta succulent planters that come with saucers, to plant your herbs and let them sunbathe at the windowsill!

Terracotta succulent planters

“These terracotta pots made from natural soil which processed through hot oven. Making from natural soil and clay benefits to your plant ventilation and growth , it also keep water balance your plant not like artificial materials.”

Buy $35.99 (2 pots)

8. Or a set of large aqua plant watering globes that won’t need you to find a plant sitter to water your plants when you’re away.

large aqua plant watering globes

Buy for $11.99

9. A pack of Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Spikes to help your flowering plants blossom better. Each one feeds your house plants with micronutrients for over 2 months.

Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Spikes

Buy for $10.99

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10. These adorable bamboo plant labels so that you can name your plants and never mix up your herbs!

bamboo plant labels , amazon

Buy for $8.99

11. A copy of How Not To Kill Your Houseplants, which is full of survival tips for over 50 common houseplants that will help you keep your plants healthy and alive!

How Not To Kill Your Houseplants


Buy for $11.89

12. This adjustable goose-neck grow light, with dual heads, red/blue light variant, and adjustable light intensity to grow your plant kingdom even when there’s not enough sunlight.

adjustable goose-neck grow light, plant products for plant lovers

Buy for $21.99

13. Welcome a new house plant of your choice every month with ‘The House Plant Box’ where you can choose from three options: air plants, succulents, or assorted indoor plants. 

The House Plant Box

Subscriptions start at $15.99 a month

14. A stackable LED indoor garden kit to grow your own herbs, succulents & veggies, for those who love to garden but don’t have space.

LED indoor garden kit

This indoor garden kit comes with sunlight simulating LED, and a smart timer, that features automatic 16hr on, 8hr off mode so you never have to worry about turning the light on or off – the work is done for you.

Customer Review: “The setup of this product was quite simple, and it looks nice! Everything has been working perfectly so far – it has been about 3 weeks since I started using the lights. The automatic timer makes the lights easy to manage as well!”

Buy for $89.99

15. A space-friendly plant terrarium to deck up your work desk or it can be a nice present to your nature-loving, gardeners

space-friendly plant terrarium

Buy for $20.99

16. This white stainless steel wine/coffee tumbler comes with a lid and 2 straws, a perfect gift of honor to your fellow plant mommy!

white stainless steel wine/coffee tumbler, plant products for plant lovers

Buy for $19.99

What other plant products would you suggest for someone who’s completely new to the plant dimension? Tell us in the comments below!

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