16 Stunning Pictures That Show The Miracles Of Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop was made 32 years ago, and since then fine lines between art and reality are beautifully blurred! Artists can’t stop themselves from turning a simple picture into their stunning imagination.

We have put together a list of transformations that prove that photoshop is literally like a wizard’s wand!

#1 Photoshop edit turned a lady into a robot

Image of a lady transformed into a robot

Michael Oswald

#2 Looks like a fairy god-mother

Photoshoped into a fairy

Vita Klochko

#3 Amazing transformation into a little dreamland

photo shopped the image into a little dreamland


#4 Enchantress

amazing edits

#5 This guy turned himself into a game character

guy turned himself into a game character


#6 From the backyard to the moon

Artist edits her backyard image

Katrina Yu

#7 World underwater

photoshopped image like an underwater image

Igor Grushko

#8 The artist is showing the magical world of books

photoshopped pictures

#9 Photoshop edits can lure you to believe in anything

photoshop can make you believe anything

Elena Bedakova

#10 From the backyard to the forest

Artist photo shop her backyard image into a forest image

Katrina Yu

#11 Photoshop can turn your backyard into a sky

Awesome photo shop edit

Katrina Yu

#12 Take me back to the 90s

Stunning photoshopped images

Anastasiya Krukovskaya

#13 Image edited into the light of hope

photoshopped images

Dmitry Rogozhkin

#14 Photoshop turned this simple image into a Magic!

Artist creates a magic illusion through photoshop

#15 Winter edits

photoshopped pictures

Αrtem Μelnichenko

#16 The drowning ship

photoshopped images

Jay Lay

Let us know in the comments the best photoshopped photo.

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