Things All Men Will Relate To, And Ladies Would Agree!

Things only men can relate

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. While men complain that at certain times women leave them wondering what is going on, there are also things which only the Martians will relate to! Munchable has listed out a few memes for men relating to such situations to which all men can definitely relate.

Let’s dive into the world of men this time!

1. The epic transformation

2. Because being punctual is important

3. When she makes fun of you vs when you make fun of her

Things only men could relate to

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3. The ultimate guide to showering

things only men can relate to


4. Every time!

5. The struggle is real!


6. Men gotta bring out the inner Monica here

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7. Sorry Bro!


8. Patience level of a man is shown in this picture

things only men can relate to

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9. The first activity of the day


10. There are two types of men

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11. She said let’s go shopping


It won’t take long she said.

12. The secret is revealed to the world

things which men can understand

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13. Now don’t get me started on this

annoying things only men can relate to

14. This is why men live in a mess


15. This is a trick to save money!

things that only men can relate to

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16. This is what exactly she said, bro!


17. This is very essential

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18. Men’s default walking pattern

things only men can understand


19. Only 4 can pee simultaneously


20. You know what I mean

Things only men can relate to


21. If you didn’t get it, then here is your cue


22. Organizing skill level: Infinity


23. And that is how the hands in pocket pose became a trend


24. This is how men get their work done!


Those were some funny memes for men which we bet all men can relate to. Let us know in the comments which one you can relate more.