25 Under $25 Home Decor Items That Will Make You Go WOW!

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We have curated a list of 25 home decor items, that will make your house look like a million dollars!

1. A clear mason jar bathroom set is absolute goals if you’re going for a minimalist industrial style decor vibe in your house.

mason jar bathroom set

Buy for $19.99

2. A set of 5 artificial succulent plants to add a dash of refreshingly modern style to your window panes.

set of 5 artificial succulent plants

Buy for $15.99

3. A decorative indoor tabletop fountain for a zen decor feel to just about any room you want. It’s just the right size to put on a tabletop, a bathroom sink, desk, or vanity.

decorative indoor tabletop fountain

Buy for $24.99 

4. Add these beautiful macrame minis to bring totally instagrammable boho vibes to your bedroom.

macrame minis

This one’s totally planet friendly, made up of 100% Pure cotton cord, without artificial ingredients or chemicals.

Buy for $9.99

5. This small ceramic vase set, to go with some faux florals or vibrant flowers, a perfect addition to your mantel, tabletop, or kitchen shelf.

small ceramic vase set

Buy for $24.99

6. Barnwood window frames, to splash some rustic tones to anybody who is planning for a minimalist decor.

Barnwood window frames

This one is made up of 100% upcycled wood! (Available in three sizes)

Buy for $21.99

7. A pack of 2 vintage LED night lights to bring some farmhouse warmth that compliments your home decor and style.

pack of 2 vintage LED night lights

These come with light sensing technology providing light only when needed.

Buy for $15.99

8. These mason jar sconces to DIY your home decor with a warm and romantic lighting atmosphere.

mason jar sconces, DIY

These come with an automatic cycle timer to save energy.

Buy for $17.99

9. A 100% pure Himalayan salt lamp to lull you into a soothing slumber, and wake you up for a fresh start.

100% pure Himalayan salt lamp

The lamp will freshen up your home and mood, with its calming dimmable light & multiple sound effect.

Buy for $17.99

10. Eco-friendly, polyresin cell phone stand, just the perfect and totally functional accessory to add to your work from home desk situation!

Eco-friendly, polyresin cell phone stand

Buy for $19.99

11. A woven storage basket that is a real godsend for any place that’s screaming for more storage.

woven storage basket

The subtle combination of beige and white is just what your home needs to boast a luxe decor, without pinching your wallet.

Buy for $27.98

12. This nautical beach themed wall art that could light up any room with its vivid shades of teal, blue, green, brown, grey!

nautical beach themed wall art , home decor items

(Available in two sizes)

Buy for $22.99

13. A soft and soothing velvet rug to relax and soothe on, that looks like a thousand million bucks, but isn’t…shhh!

velvet rug

(Available in 7 colors)

Buy for $19.99

14. These USB/ battery operated, natural willow twig branches, decorated with white LED lights that will turn any dull corner into your favourite spot!

USB/ battery operated, natural willow twig branches, home decor items

Buy for $18.99

15. These wall mounted coat hooks, your go-to solution for organizing coats, hats, and scarves.

wall mounted coat hooks

Buy for $13.99

16. Removable acrylic mirror wall sticker, to hack your way into creating an illusion of space for the stuffiest of rooms.

Removable acrylic mirror wall sticker,

Buy for $13.99

17. An anti-skid marble finish drink coasters to make sure there are no water/tea marks on your table. They also come with a metal rack to keep them in place on your table.

marble finish drink coasters, home decor items
marble finish drink coasters

Buy for $16.99

18. A waterproof, and spill-proof rectangle tablecloth that comes in 9 different colors to match with your home decor.

spill-proof rectangle tablecloth, home decor items

It fits most folding buffet tables, outdoor picnic tables, kitchen & dining tables.

Buy for $15.95

19. A dreamy moon-shaped dream catcher that’ll add a chic, boho vibe to the room of your dreams.

moon-shaped dream catcher

A quick DIY: Add a string of fairy lights and you’ve got yourself some Reels stuff right there!

Buy for $16.59

20. These decorative wooden hanging shelves that’ll give a unique, rustic charm to show-off your collectibles without needing to install extra storage!

 decorative wooden hanging shelves , home decor items

Buy for $16.99

21. A pack of DIY green coasters that can be interlocked to create a Cactus shape or many creative variations, and store in a flower pot; what a genius creation!

 DIY green coasters, cactus coasters amazon, home decor items

Buy for $10.50

22. A simple yet elegant tealight candle holder set that just make an ideal centerpiece for your living room.

tealight candle holder set

Buy for $17.99

23. Or add these geometric, candle holders to style up your bedside tables with a dash of gold and yellow.

geometric, candle holders, home decor items

(Set of three)

Buy for $9.56

24. A Feng Shui inspired Bonsai Tree with aura cleansing stones to protect you and your perfectly decorated haven! Also, it’s just beautiful!

Bonsai Tree

Buy for $11.50

25. This super elegant, Rose Quartz egg with a wooded stand is simply a steal at this price! And it’s authentic too!

Rose Quartz egg, home decor items

Buy for $10.50

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