12 Beautiful Trees In The World That Will Leave You In Awe Of Nature

What can we say about trees? We love them and they are the longest organism in the world. They are extremely unique and without a second thought, trees are one of the most essential parts of it. They provide us oxygen and have high medicinal value to it. But few of them are just magnificent and unique. Here are the most beautiful trees in the world –

1. 125+ year old Rhododendron ‘tree’ in Canada

125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree”


Did you know that Rhododendron is actually considered a shrub? They very rarely grow to be a tree.

2. 1,400+ year old Chinese Ginkgo in China

The ginkgo tree - beautiful trees

Daily Mail

The ginkgo tree is sometimes referred to as a living fossil. Why so? Because, despite all the drastic climate changes, it has remained unchanged for more than 200 million years. It is believed that this species of tree is a living link to the times when the dinosaurs ruled the earth.

3. Cypress tree in Caddo lake

caddo lake - cypress trees


Caddo lake is in between the border of Louisiana and Texas. It sprawls for over 26,000 acres. Here, the largest Cypress forests in the world reside, growing straight up out of the water. 

4. 144+ year old Wisteria in Japan



You will find this tree in Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan. It may be not the largest tree but it is still quite impressive. It comes in at an impressive 1,990 square meters (or half an acre) and dates back to around 1870.

Although wisterias can look like trees, they’re actually vines. And the vines have the potential to get very heavy, so, this plant’s entire structure is held up on steel supports.

They produce gorgeous sprays of small flowers in blue, purple, pink, or white. Also, they are an awesome pollinator as they attract all manner of bees and butterflies.

5. Wind-swept trees in New Zealand

windswept trees- beautiful trees

 Daniel Pietzsch

It’s actually quite interesting. You will find this wind-swept tree in the most southernmost point of beautiful New Zealand. The area is majorly used for sheep herding.

The terrain is known to be brute as strong winds from Antarctica blow 2000 miles and then smash into Slope Point. These strong and uninterrupted winds have affected the them. It has resulted in them being crooked tremendously.

6. Baobab tree in Madagascar



These baobabs are usually found in Madagascar and are known as the “Sanctuary of nature”. These are excellent at storing water in their thick trunks to use during droughts. And that’s why it can tolerate extreme climatic conditions.

Because of its trunk filled with water, the baobab is also called “bottle tree”.

7. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

rainbow tree - beautiful trees
rainbow beautiful trees

jwilsonnorton,  Christopher Martin

Generally, eucalyptus is famous for itsra fragrant leaves and for being the main food source for koalas. But this species of the eucalyptus tree is different. Also known as rainbow gum, this tall tree is quite different.

It’s the only eucalyptus to live in the rainforest and only one of four species found outside of Australia. These rainbow eucalyptus can soar up to 250 feet in the air. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

But what really stands out is the tree’s multicolor bark. As the rainbow eucalyptus sheds, it first reveals a bright green inner bark. Over time, this ages into different colors—blue, purple, orange, and maroon. The colorful striations are created due to the fact that the tree doesn’t shed all at once. Slowly, over time, different layers fall off, while other exposed areas have already begun aging.

8. Dragonblood tree in Yemen


the revelator

Dragonblood only grow on Socotra Island, in Yemen. In actuality, this tree is a succulent and thereby, extremely drought tolerant. The dragon blood tree enjoys warm temperatures and sub-tropical conditions. The way the tree grows, it almost looks like an uprightly held umbrella.

The dragon blood tree gets its name from the red resin that is exuded from the bark after it is cut. An evergreen tree, it can live up to 650 years and reach heights between 33 and 39 feet.

9. Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon

Japanese Maple

Japanese maples have long been favored in ornamental gardens. They stay relatively small, even while growing gigantic in size compared to others. In addition, the leaves change from green and dark purple to brilliant yellow, red, and orange, providing a brilliant and showy display of color in Autumn before falling to the ground. This tree is quite large for its kind and grows in the Japanese Gardens located in Portland, Oregon

10. ‘The President’ Sequoia tree

the president

Michael Nichols

This tree gained popularity when it was given its name. In 1923, the massive tree was named after then-President Warren G. Harding, with two nearby stands of Sequoia’s referred to as “The Congress Group” to keep with the political theme of the names.

President, located in Sequoia National Park in California, stands 241 ft tall and has a ground circumference of 93 ft. It is the third largest giant sequoia in the world (second if you count its branches in addition to its trunk).

11. The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland


Stephen Emerson

These Dark Hedges of Northern Ireland became more popular post appearing in HBO’s The Game Of Thrones. With the publicity from the show, the Dark Hedges has since become the number one photographed place in all of Ireland.

12. Angel Oak tree in North Carolina



Located on John’s Island just outside of Charleston, North Carolina, this oak tree is thought to be nearly 500 years old. While it reaches up to nearly 67 feet high, its most impressive feature is the length of its sprawling branches, the longest of which is 187 feet!

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