This Bear Backing-off After Realising It’s Not Supposed To Enter The Car Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See

Bear opening car door
Image via IG/christinamariefuentes

Bizarre things go viral on the internet and that’s why we love Browsing social media. Topping the list of the most bizarre videos, here is a hilarious video of a bear sneakily opening the door of the car and the car owners successfully scaring it away just in time.

The video is from Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

Christina Fuentes, who recorded the video says,

“My friends and I were staying at our friend Mercedes’ cabin in Asheville for the weekend, Ironic I know. Shortly after arriving our friend Jacob noticed the bear near my and my boyfriend Lucas’ car that’s when we ran to the porch to try and scare him away which he started to leave but decided to come back and try for the Mercedes that’s when we started yelling and it worked. Boy Scouts taught Jose well.”

Well, this was a particularly crazy incident and the bear walking backwards was absolutely mental!

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